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it has been some stunts from jamshedpur human compass, christ, wheelie, standing wheeelie, stoppie, rolling stoppie, rooling+endo,cycle stunt,bike stunt,delhi stunt,indian stunt


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Crazy Drivers Stunt Show @ Hyvinkää - Finland 2005 - Bus To The Sunset
2 Wheel Driving By Bus - Hyvinkää Airport 2005 - "Crazy" Vesa Kivimäki CHECK IT OUT!! THERE IS MORE STUNT VIDEOS ON MY PROFILE!! FACEBOOK: CaseTheStuntJunkie ENJOY!! 2 Wheel driving, Car Jumps, Kamikaze drop from the crane, Car crashes, Roll over crash, speed roll over crash, domino crash, torpedo crash etc... you name it!!!!

JAMSHEDPUR STuNT [INDIA] incld. Christ {City Riders(Zero GraVity Riders))
This vdo includes christ , wheliee ,Rolling stopiee,gliding Circle no hand Wheelie switchback cycling(no handed), Double CHRIST , Bhudha Cycle's wheliee, ....... PLz watch this.....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Copyright Notice : I don't own the Music It's administered by Universal Pictures

Insane Trials Motorcycle Stunts
It's difficult to jump over rocks with a trials motorcycle. It's even more diffucult to jump over a human head without crushing it. Check out these insane trials motorcycle stunts. These guys put on a great motorcycle stunt show, and no one was seriously injured. Motorcycle Trials, which is also called Observed Trials is a non-speed competition on special lightweight motorcycles built for jumping and climbing. To win a trials motorcycle competition, you have to navigate an obstacle course on your trials motorcycle without touching the ground with your feet. Motorcycle trials competition is very popular in Spain and the United Kingdom. Specialized Trials Motorcycle manufacturers are Gas Gas, Montesa, Honda, Beta, Sherco, and Scorpa.

punjabi munde on bike 5 nishu
look for amazing stunts wid car also................check dis out...............

it has been some stunts from jamshedpur human compass, christ, wheelie, standing wheeelie, stoppie, rolling stoppie, rooling+endo,cycle stunt,bike stunt,delhi stunt,indian stunt

Death riders wheeler in lahore.
Pakistan cycle wheeling

Bike Vs Police CHASE Motorcycle Stunts RUNNING From The Cops Riding WHEELIES Cop CHASES
Stunt bike rider performs stunts such as wheelies in downtown Saint Louis, MO which draws the police's attention. As a result of the motorcycle stunt rider doing tricks such as riding a wheelie directly passed a cop car sitting at an intersection. The police officer try's to pull over the motorcyclist performing stunts but the biker doe's not have time for that so he doe's not stop for the cops thus starting a high speed chase with the cop car flashing it lights and sirens in hot pursuit of the street bike stunt rider. From this point on the rest of the video is bike vs cop because neither one was going giving up easily without a fight. As you'll see both the biker and cop car race throw the street's of downtown STL splitting automobiles in heavy congested traffic. Watch the video an you'll see who wins. This motorcycle police chase was filmed from two different angles and two different camcorders. Please SHARE & LIKE Video!!! SUBSCRIBE Blox Starz TV For NEW Videos http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=bloxstarzlifestyle Visit Blox Starz Official Web Site http://bloxstarzlifestyle.com CONNECT With Blox Starz Instagram: http://instagram.com/bloxstarz Facebook: http://facebook.com/bloxstarz Twitter: http://twitter.com/bloxstarz Google+: http://google.com/+bloxstarzlifestyle

Motorcycle Stunts RIDE OF THE CENTURY ROC Bike Vs Police Street Stunt Running From The Cops Runs Cop
Motorcycle stunt riders take over the highway during Ride Of The Century ROC. This is a huge illegal motorcycle stunt street ride an is a annual event that takes place in Saint Louis, MO an surrounding area's every year sometime in September on public roads's, freeway's, highway's and street's. The best of the best street bike stunt riders in the whole world travel from around the United States an even Europe to take part in this illegal street stunt riding event. Once every year in September their is an epic weekend filled with illegal motorcycle stunt riding. Stunt bikers turn Saint Louis, MO an surrounding area's into where own huge playground an perform tricks an stunts on their motorcycles. You'll see thousands of motorcyclist take part in this one of a kind event that was started back in 2002 by the Streetfighterz a local motorcycle stunt team that helped pioneer extreme freestyle street motorcycle stunt riding an where instrumental in helping to shape the sport into what it has become today. Since starting Ride Of The Century or ROC back in 2002 the motorcycle event an illegal street ride has steadily grown into by far the biggest illegal street stunt ride for sport bike riders in the world. Their is no other sport bike stunt riding event that even comes remotely close in away to being as large of an event as ROC in anyway shape or form. ROC is a rain or shine street ride. Many of the motorcycle stunt riders that attend our very loyal to the event an look forward to this ride all year long an wouldn't miss it for the world. A lot of the same motorcycle stunt riders attend the event once an our hooked coming back every year to take part in the illegal street stunt ride event plus many riders also tell their friends an even bring their friends. In my opinion the biggest single reason that the ride has had an continues to have success an grown every year since starting in 2002 is word of month advertisement because the motorcyclist that attend have such a great experience they want to tell other riders about their insane story's an great experiences at ROC when they return home from the ride. Now every year more then 2500 stunt bike riders attend this street stunt ride annually to take part in the ride rain or shine either to perform street bike stunts an tricks themselves or to just watch an film some of the best motorcycle stunt riders in the world perform insane stunts an tricks during the street ride. Most of the thousands of motorcyclist that attend choose to ride customized Japaneses sport bikes from Japaneses motorcycle brands an manufactures like Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, and Yamaha. These motorcycle tricks an stunts our known as wheelies, circle wheelies, combo wheelies, 12 o' clock scrape wheelies, drifting, drifts, burnouts, stoppies, and other acrobatics plus much much more. All of the stunts an tricks listed above are all in this video plus many more. The video features one street bike stunt rider who records a face book status update when he is doing a switch back or backwards christ riding down the highway at 70 mph standing up on his motorcycle backwards. This is one example of the insane stunts an tricks shown in this video. ROC has become so large that law enforcement officers teamed up with local police, highway patrol, country sheriffs and other law enforcement agents with only one goal in mind try an stop ROC. But all of the many attempts that law enforcement agents have made to stop the ROC have all been epic fails or ended in complete failure because as this video shows again an again motorcycle stunt riders pay law enforcement officers no attention. You'll see many police officers in cop cars chasing motorcycle riders running from the police an not getting caught or arrested by law enforcement agents an getting away without even as much as a traffic ticket. Law enforcement officers an agents flashing lights an sirens don't worry or scary these insane motorcycle stunt riders even when performing illegal stunts on the highway right next to police officers patrol cars that is attempting to pull them over. Three days out of every year in Saint Louis, MO an surrounding area's it's bikers vs cops an law enforcement officers an agents has yet to ever even come close to winning the battle over the street's because thousands of motorcycle stunt riders still make the trip to Saint Louis, MO every year to perform illegal stunts an tricks on the highways, roads, freeway's an street's for the world's biggest Illegal street ride known as RIDE OF THE CENTURY or ROC! Please SHARE & LIKE Video!!! SUBSCRIBE Blox Starz TV For NEW Videos http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=bloxstarzlifestyle Visit Blox Starz Official Web Site http://bloxstarzlifestyle.com LET'S CONNECT Instagram: http://instagram.com/bloxstarz Facebook: http://facebook.com/bloxstarz Twitter: http://twitter.com/bloxstarz Google+: http://google.com/+bloxstarzlifestyle

BLOX STARZ "Official" Motorcycle Stunt For Darren Champ Memorial Ride 2012 Streetbike Stunts
Check Out Http://Bloxstarzlifestyle.com Blox Starz Official Darren "Champ" Memorial Street Stunting Ride 2012 Video. This ride takes place once ever year in April to remember Blox Starz rider Darren "Champ" Mcwynn "1988-2010". The ride features motorcycle stunt riders from around the united states that perform street bike stunts on the ride including wheelies, stoppies, burnouts, and Acros on the highways and streets of Kansas City, MO. Next years ride is in Kansas City, MO April,28,2013 don't miss it!!!!!!

Stunts EPIC motorcycle and dirt bike compilation - part 3
Part 3 of this epic compilation of motorcycle, scooter, and dirt bike crashes or fails. From Dual sport, motards, scooters, Yamaha, Ducati, Suzuki, Kawasaki, and Honda racing bikes or crotch rockets. Click on the link below for hot motorcycle chicks: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zPtBCcoqHiY Watch dirt bike stunts, crazy stunts, bike tricks, and motorcycle wheelies. Motorcycle stunt riding, sometimes referred to as simply stuntriding, is a motorcycle sport characterized by stunts involving acrobatic maneuvering of the motorcycle and sometimes the rider. Common maneuvers in stunt riding include wheelies, stoppies, and burnouts. Sport bikes have become a common vehicle for stunts. A wheelie on a motorized vehicle is nothing new. In drag racing they are considered a problem, robbing power that could be used to accelerate the vehicle faster, and many classes of drag racing use wheelie bars to prevent them. But those are for vehicles specifically built for drag racing, which rarely are street-legal, or unmodified from stock. In contrast, since at least the 1970s, some motorcycles straight from the showroom floor were able to be wheelied. In the late 1980s and continuing today, motorcycles, and especially sportbikes, have become lighter and more powerful, and have therefore become easier to wheelie. Other stunts have also become possible if not easy with the advancement of motorcycle technology. Stunters are a controversial subculture of motorcycling. Stunters perform motorcycle stunts on sportbikes, both on public roads and in private venues. Some stunters even have organized commercial teams. Part 4 will upload soon. By SUBSCRIBING, you'll know when it will upload

Extreme Freestyle Street Bike STUNTS + ACCIDENTS On Highway MIDDLE OF THE MAP RIDE 2013 Stunt Bikers
Insane extreme freestyle motorcycle stunts on the highway and motorcycle stunt riding accidents from motorcycle stunts gone wrong. Video features footage from annual Middle Of The Map Stunt Bike Street Ride held in Kansas City, MO. Watch as hundreds of motorcyclist unite to perform tricks and stunts on the street's. Some of the riders just enjoy taking part in the ride to watch other fellow riders showcase there unique stunt riding skills and talent. The video mostly consist of trilling freestyle street bike stunt riding on the highway. Riders perform wheelies, drifts, burnouts, and many other insane stunt bike tricks. At the beginning of the video clip you'll see a extreme motorcycle stunt rider that links many different wheelie combinations tougher this is know as a combo wheelie. This is where a stunt rider does many different tricks in one signal wheelie without setting down the front wheel. Some riders can ride wheelies for miles at high speeds on the highway or street in tons different positions on the motorcycle such as standing on the seat and then jumping to the tank sometimes with both feet over the handle bars sitting in the tank this is know as a highchair. Their our many stunt riders featured performing dangerous tricks on the street's. Towards the end of the video you'll see three different motorcycle stunt riders crash attempting to perform stunts during the ride. Each of the motorcycle accidents our epic fails of stunts gone wrong on motorcycles. All video footage shown is from the 2013 Middle Of The Map Street Ride captured in clear high quality 1080p HD. The video clip was filmed with Go Pro Hero 3 black edition action camera and Cannon HF G10 camcorder. Please SHARE & LIKE Video!!! SUBSCRIBE Blox Starz TV For NEW Videos http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=bloxstarzlifestyle Visit Blox Starz Official Web Site http://bloxstarzlifestyle.com CONNECT With Blox Starz Instagram: http://instagram.com/bloxstarz Facebook: http://facebook.com/bloxstarz Twitter: http://twitter.com/bloxstarz Google+: http://google.com/+bloxstarzlifestyle

Sexy girl Ferrari vs Kawasaki drift motorcycle gymkhana stunt Murder Days 3 race competition Javi Almazan stunt riding Ferrari 458 Italia vs Kawasaki 636 crash. links to Murder Days 1 and 2: http://vimeo.com/17456971 http://vimeo.com/23335629 stunt rider link: https://www.facebook.com/javialmazanrider music links: El ruso no lie "Movement Proposition" http://www.incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/ stuntrider web: http://www.dlocos.es

This was a fun day of touring the streets of Houston. This was a bunch of Texas riders having a good time.was a good safe trip no problems with the cops some bad ass stunts and a good old time.Sorry about the stuff on the camera lens it was off one of the bikes.

really very gud stunt

how to do stoppie on bike
this is speedy telling!!!!!! how to do stoppie on ur bike!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if this video really help u out then do mail me on [amrit_dude17@hotmail.com]!!!!!

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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