TWS Texas World Speedway C6 LS3 2008 Corvette clockwise

June 7, 2009. 2008 C6 Coupe LS3 intake, headers, Exhaust, R888 tires (275/305). Otherwise stock.

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CJ @ Texas World Speedway in Z06 counter-clockwise
Nov 1, 2007 TWS (Texas World Speedway) Corvette Z06

Z06 at TWS November 2009 part 1
Texas World Speedway clockwise in a 07 Z06. Yellow run group session 1 on Sunday. My best lap time was 1.56.

C6 CORVETTE LS3 Stock Dyno
Stock C6 LS3. 3 Dyno runs.

FLAMING Corvette From HELL!
Badass Procharger Supercharged C6 Corvette on the streets of Florida during FL2K this summer, this thing sounds NASTY! Even with the heavy soft top the car still moves out!