Jaguar XJR Racing Sumanth's 98 XJR Summit Point Hyperfest 2010

Day two, passing Jeff's 95 M3, Mazda Miata, Porsche Cayman S and the Nissan GTR ,HPDE 1 Session 5

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Jaguar XJR chasing E36 M3
Lap around Alastaro racetrack in my Jaguar XJR (X308) with upgraded Supercharger lower pulley.

Jaguar XJ Driven to Extremes
You don't often think of the Jaguar XJ sedan as being the kind of car you'd take out on a track and for a little tire squealing fun and excitement. Mike Cross, Jaguar's chief engineer, showed what you'd be missing. The new XJ gets even better reviews for handling.

Jaguar XJR (X308) @ Alastaro racetrack
This was my best lap during SCCH trackday at Alastaro racetrack. Laptime was 1:38.2. I was a bit scared to really attack the fast corners with this 1800kg beast...

Shed of the week Jaguar XJR Burnout
Pistonhead's 'shed of the week' gives the worn out tyres a royal send off...