Project Datsun Supercharge

A little slide show and video showing the process of converting my carburated 240Z to an Electronic Fuel injected blown monster.

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Bad ass datsun 240z unloading from trailer
240z coming home finally

Fairlady Z Build Updates
Today I thought I would update the couple of guys subscribed to my channel with an update on the car. I just had it painted so I thought it was about due for another video. Updates in this video, New Paint in Gloss New flares Ducktail spoiler Headlight covers New badges More updates are still to come. I have bought a new centre console and gear shift boot, and a whole lot more, but for today, take a look at the new gloss Hiroshima Screama. Check out my new online blog for regular photos and news updates.

240Z -- Jay Fires Up the GT240 (Part 1)
More Details: This Z Body Kit is from The car ran for about a year with this motor in there. I bought a "scarab" mount kit, modified the wiring harness, threw in a Richmond five speed and it ran. I hated how nose-heavy it became, and how it handled. After the diff blew, I parked the car, yanked the motor and cut the fire wall and trans tunnel out. The motor went back 9 inches and down 1.5 inches. As for this motor, it is only a test mule. I have a 377ci new Dart Little M, 12.5 to 1 comp, 18 degree heads, solid roller cam, and some nasty internals. My engine builder claims an easy 600hp and around 500ft lbs. That will be going in before next race season. The car is only 2390 lbs at full static but the new motor has aluminum heads, twin disk racing clutch, and magnesium scattershield. This should lose me about 110 lbs. The Exhaust is 2.5 inch, 304 stainless steel mandrel formed and tig welded with Magnaflow 2.5 center 6 inch cans. - Jay For more info. contact Jay at JaysHotRods @ Yahoo dot com. Tune: 'Astro Zombies' by The Misfits

Come and take a closer look at Star Road's insane L28 powered S30Z Fairlady that is literally the perfect mix of both the old and new schools. I walk you around the car, showing you the immense amounts of detail that have gone into it. It is currently developing a screaming naturally aspirated 360hp, revs to 8000rpm and includes one of the most impressive engine bays you will ever see including a special custom carburettor/injection setup that is monitored by MoTec engine management and a full Defi system. You would struggle to find a better modern take on a classic like the Fairlady anywhere else on the planet. Visit their perfection here ---- And visit for more information, videos and photos of this magnificent machine.