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91 Bike Drags

This was taken in Victoria BC in Sept 91 Championship day my rookie year dragracing bikes. Im on the 85 1000 Interceptor always closest to the stands. I had alot of learning to do that year but it payed off in the end. Enjoy


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S.I.S.L.R.A. Test and Tune April 2008 Street Class Video 2
S.I.S.L.R.A. Test and Tune April 2008 Street Class at Western Speedway in Victoria, BC, Canada.

VF1000R first ride after custom rebuild.(RVF1000R)
The first test ride after 2 years of hard work and not riding. A quick shake down run to make sure everything was running true with no apparent issues. All seemed tight. It sounds just like a V4 race bike should! It sure felt great to get back in the saddle, pull up the side stand and let out the clutch. I think my son was more happy to see the old man ride than me. Build process can be read here... http://www.vfrdiscussion.com/forum/index.php/topic/49908-time-to-rebuild-th e-vf1000rit-lives/ Check out my other video for a walk around.

Drag racing, Aug 17, 2008 at Western Speedway, Victoria, BC, Canada

First 2000 Honda VFR800FI Interceptor Video
My 2000 Honda VFR800FI Interceptor in it's bare state. Wrecked it with a lot of plastic damage back in fall of 2002. Doesn't look too bad underneath however. Why I waited so long to fix--I don't know. Next step is to take to a motorcycle frame shop to see if the frame's been damaged. Ride Safe!!!!!

WWJD: The Definitive Answer
We only deal with the important theological issues here at BelovedSpear. Yup. Yes we do.

84 Honda Interceptor VF1000
My buddy Rick riding my new bike. If you look close you can see it lift the wheels as he's going past me

Smokin tire on a Honda Interceptor 1000
My bro was just about to install a new tire, so he thought it would be a good time to make sure the old one was used up!

2000 Honda VFR Interceptor with Wolf exhaust
V4 with gear driven cams in all its glory! Spent most of the summer in the garage torn down and being cleaned up after purchasing used.

VF1000R custom pipes.
Quick clip of my custom pipes before I pack them with SS wool and ceramic fibers. They're still a tad lean and need a synch. Sounds better if you have a subwoofer!

68 Ford Falcon 6.17 Second Pass 1/8th Mile, Western Speedway
First time at an 1/8th Mile at Western Speedway in Langford, BC. Great time with a great bunch of drivers...and my gal of course.

1984 Honda VF1000F.AVI
Here is a video of my 1984 Honda VF1000F, taken on 8/15/2011.

VF1000R 4 into 1 exhaust
1986 VF1000R with 4 into 1 Exhaust with Kerker can.

Honda VF1000 F R TCI-units (131100-4041, akbz29) test and repair
Video about the test of a repaired Honda VF1000TCI-unit ( 131100-4041, akbz29) Carmo electronics tests and repairs CDI/TCI/ECU units from motorbikes. We always give a cause of defect, which can be very handy to know, to prevent that the unit goes defect again after mounting it. We give 1 year warranty and test/repair within 3 days, test/repair prices are fixed.

1984 Honda VFR1000F (Interceptor)
Just showing the 1984 honda interceptor with solo seat and extended bars.

RVF 1000R - custom built VF1000R
This my recently acquired VF1000R it has NC30? race fairings and some other subtle enhancements intended to nmake it lighter, and better handlind. I think Jim Mott of HMR fame has succeeded. I bought the bike as it and take no credit for the work.

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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1994 Fiat Coupe t16: 9.405 @ 161.860
Lanno Angelo, Engine: B&L engineering, Supercharger: no Turbos: Garrett gt 4202r Tires: hoosier 275/45/17 d.o.t.

2008 Pontiac G8 GT: 9.981 @ 138.600
Tom Scott, Engine: 6.0, Supercharger: Procharger Tires: Hoosier slicks, M&H skinnies

2008 Pontiac G8 GT: 10.083 @ 141.820
Tom Scott, Engine: 6.0, Supercharger: ProCharger Tires: Hoosier slicks, M&H skinnies

2009 Pontiac G8 GT: 10.239 @ 136.030
Curt Schrader, Engine: stock, Supercharger: Maggie 1900 ported Tires: MT DRs, M&H FR

1995 Fiat Coupe 2.0 t16 4x4: 10.277 @ 137.270
Magrelli Marco, Engine: fiat 1995cc, Turbos: garrett gt3582r Tires: bfgoodrich t/a drag radial 205/50R15

2008 Pontiac G8 GT Supercharged TVS1900: 10.488 @ 131.250
Sky, Supercharger: TVS1900 Tires: M&H 275/50-17

1995 Fiat Coupe 2.0 t16 4x4 drag: 10.544 @ 133.980
Marco Magrelli, Engine: 1995 fiat, Turbos: gt3582r Tires: toyo r888 195/50/16

1995 Fiat Coupe 2.0 16v turbo 4x4: 10.747 @ 130.850
magrelli marco, Turbos: t3/60-1 Tires: 195/50r16

1995 Fiat Coupe 2.0 16v turbo 4x4: 10.747 @ 130.850
Magrelli Marco (wind), Turbos: full race garrett T3/60-1 Tires: 195/50zr16 toyo r888

1992 Mazda MX3 GS Turbo: 10.800 @ 129.400
Rafael, Engine: 2.0 Dohc FE3n, Turbos: T3/T4 TO4E .60 trim .63 stage 3 Tires: 24.5

1995 GMC Sonoma SL RCSB: 10.858 @ 121.350
Brad Hatfield, Engine: 406 sbc, Tires: 325/50-15 MT Radials

2008 Pontiac G8 GT: 10.930 @ 126.180
Sky, Tires: Mickey Thompson ET Street Radial

2008 Pontiac G8 GT: 10.951 @ 128.520
Sky, Tires: MY ET Street Radial

2009 Pontiac G8 GT: 10.990 @ 126.240
ChrisD, Engine: 6.0L stock block, Tires: M/T 11x26x17, M&H 4.5x26x17

2009 Pontiac G8 GT- ALL MOTOR 6.0: 11.007 @ 125.910
Troy B., Engine: 6.0, Tires: NT05R's

2008 Pontiac G8 GT: 11.318 @ 119.950
Sky, Tires: MT ET Street 275/40/18

1995 GMC Sonoma : 11.500 @ 115.000
Rey, Engine: Chevy 350ci, Tires: Mickey Thompson et

2008 Pontiac G8 GT: 11.503 @ 119.400
Sky, Tires: M/T ET Street Radial

2009 Pontiac G8 GT: 11.722 @ 120.000
FamilycaronROIDS!, Engine: 6.0 - L76, Tires: M/T ET Streets

2008 Pontiac G8 GT: 11.740 @ 117.310
David McCall, Supercharger: Magnacharger TVS1900 w/ 3.1 pulley Tires: 275/40ZR17 MT Drag Radials


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