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HO Model Train Shelf Layout - Update

Feb 11, 2010 update of my shelf layout in HO scale. DCC top shelf, DC bottom shelf. 3 years in the making. This is my first layout. Learning as I go.


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HO Model Train Shelf Layout Update April 28/2010
Update of my basement layout. New buildings and roads.

HO Model Railroad Layout Update #9
sorry about the shakiness I used my phone

HO Model Train Shelf Layout Update Feb 4, 2011
On going update of my layout.

HO Scale Shelf layout
This is my first attempt at a ho scale shelf type layout I am only around 4 months into the project. I just finished this portion what do you think? Its not perfect but I think it looks nice

Large HO Scale Model Train Layout
This is a 1930's style model railroad called Douglassville Locomotive Works (DLW for short). This layout is located in Douglassville, PA. It took the owner, Jay Matz (and friends), 20 years to build this large layout, and it is still expanding! The rail line that runs two Shays and one Climax is "Pine Ridge Lumber" and the two main lines are "Berkshire and Allegheny" and "Neversink Railroad". The layout's website is http://www.dlw-model-rr.com/ trainguy3 was the one who took me here, please check out his channel, he might have some videos soon Tags: "Berkshire and Allegheny" "Neversink Railroad" "Pine Ridge Lumber" Shay climax 2-4-0 HO Scale model train layout 1930 1930's trains locomotive locomotion 2-6-0 0-6-0 diesel rail railroad railway steam

Model Train Layout Western Maryland
I added 3 foot section west of the city, over the holidays.The Western Maryland locomotive is a Overland I-2 decapod,the gondolas are Westfield and the buildings are Scale Structures

HO Scale Model Train Layout
This is my HO Train layout as of 10/10/08. It is, as it will most likely always be, still under construction

Our Huge HO Model Train Layout!!!!
So How Big is our club Layout some might ask???? Well take a look! PS: Sorry for the Mess everyone were doing finishing touches to everything to get ready for our Train show in December. So thats why alot of building and junk is out on the layout!

The M T Penn Railroad HO Model Train Shelf Layout Part 1
Hello All, this is a very very well done shelf layout of a 4 track Pennsylvania route done by Michael Thomas. His layout is just a precursor to what's to come. He is planning to build a full layout in the future. The GG-1's are BLI's and the other locomotive (I forgot the prototype name :/) is an Atlas.

HO Scale Shelf Layout (fly-by)
I have switched from a 4'x8' layout to a shelf style layout. Two shelves are 2'x8' and one is 7'x8". Seen so far is Glacier Gravel and ADM Grain. Soon to be added are a ramp and loading area for the team track and also a small dock or wharf. I will also be adding an area to load boxcars from a large wharehouse whos front will sit along the north wall. Any suggestions please fire away. Also the area with currently no track laid requires swithes I do not own yet.

Midwest Valley Modelers Detailed HO scale train layout
Another tour of the Midwest Valley Modelers HO Scale train-layout built by World renowned Master Modeler and Photographer KEN PATTERSON of St. Louis MO. Featured in over 40 train shows across the Midwest spanning more than 13 years and taking 1st Place several times. 12 piece modular construction for easy set up and transportation. Each module has its own ends to enable stacking for easy storage and transport. Comes equipped with 3 analog walk-around controllers. Finely detailed scratch built buildings store in their own boxes. This layout has been featured on the covers of dozens of magazines including but not limited to, Model Railroader, Mainline Modeler, Caboose Kabitzer, Rail Model Journal, Railroad Model Craftsman, NMRA Bulletin, Hobby Merchandiser, Walthers Catalog cover (98-99) and countless Bachmann ads. Layout is FOR SALE...contact rcking1@charter.net or eddiebauer777@hotmail.com for more information... PLEASE SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY!!!!

HO scale model Railroad Railfaning
Railfanning in HO scale on 2 sepperate Layouts. The Pike Masters Model Railroad Club in Colorado Springs CO. Abd the Pikes Peak and Southern Modular Layout, The Pikes Peak NMRA division sponsered Layout. Enjoy...

Creative Model Train Layout Ideas
http://www.themodelrailroader.com - This video explains how to combine multiple locations and time periods in one model train layout. Visit my website for more helpful information and to receive a free copy of my special report "Model Railroad Design Secrets"

Model Trains Amtrak Acela and ScotRail Class 158 - Testing with Nikon D90
Testing my new camera. Nikon D90. Playing around with depth of field and focal points. Lens 50mm F1.8. Trains are Amtrak Acela and Scotrail Class 158. Both trains made by Bachmann. I think the effect works well need to play around some more to perfect.

Switching Blue Star Ready Mix
Athearn CSX SW1500 HO Scale

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