HO Model Train Shelf Layout - Update

Feb 11, 2010 update of my shelf layout in HO scale. DCC top shelf, DC bottom shelf. 3 years in the making. This is my first layout. Learning as I go.

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Switching Brett
Brett is an HO scale shelf layout, built for home use. It is only 8 x 1 ft with no offscene staging or 'fiddle'. I used Peco code 100 with insulfrogs, all manually switched, 'Switchlist' Mac program to create operational interest, and an NCE Powercab DCC system. If you enjoy this video - Thanks! You may like some of the others I have posted. To find out more see mogtrains.blogspot.com

Amazing Model Railroad Layout in HO Scale with Cab Passenger Ride
This amazing model railroad layout in HO scale is not an exhibition, but a private model train layout. It is a perfect model railway because all areas of the layout are optimally illuminated, along the entire track is a catenary mounted and electric locomotives are driving with pantographs. On long tracks, in train stations and in helices trains there are locomotives by Marklin, Fleischmann, Trix, Arnold, Pico and Roco. The original or standard motors of the locomotives were removed and replaced with efficient engines and gearboxes from Faulhaber company. Locomotives are rolling on quietly and are braking down absolutely smooth. There are locomotives, passenger carriages and freight wagons of the German Federal Railroad. The video recordings were partially created by using Pilentum's camera car, so that there are beautiful cab rides. Please, visit http://www.pilentum.de for watching photos of that amazing model train layout.

Shelf Layout Intro (Part 1)
A quick look at the physical components that went into the building of my modern industrial switching layout (so far). Blog: http://somerailroad.blogspot.com

HO Scale Shelf layout
This is my first attempt at a ho scale shelf type layout I am only around 4 months into the project. I just finished this portion what do you think? Its not perfect but I think it looks nice