Blown Fuel Injected V8 Motorcycle Burnout WIR

Wisconsin International Raceway, Kaukauna, V8 drag bike does warmup burnout. Earlier this bike did 1/4 mile burnout at 136mph in the quarter. From moisture (dew) and dropping temperature on the track he had to back out of it.

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most powerful motorcycle boss hoss 605 v8 1000hp
boss hoss v8 it has 605 cubic inch mountain motor big block 750hp with a 250 shot of Nitrous oxide chevy custom painted motorcycle eagle american flag and true fire mean paint job and it has Nitrous oxide bike at local car show in rolling meadows IL

Quasimoto Super charged v8 motor cycle.
Aug 15/09 Grandbend motorplex, Quasimoto super charged v8 motor cycle.

2014 Wazuma V8F - Quad Bike is Powered by a Ferrari V8
At first glance, the Wazuma V8F kind of looks like a motorcycle. Check it out from a different angle and it looks like a trike. But there are two rear wheels mounted close together. It's also not a real car. No, the Wazuma V8F is the creation of a French automotive company called Lazareth, which specializes in building odd-looking machines and various other custom works. The Wazuma V8F has motorcycle-like handlebars instead of a steering wheel, and is powered by a Ferrari V8 that produces 250 horsepower. All of that juice is sent to the 18-inch Momo wheels via a six-speed sequential gearbox taken from a BMW M3. Like a motorcycle, the driver sits on a thin bench and has to lean forward in order to steer using those wide handle bars which also house all of the main controls. With a top speed of 150 mph, a set of large brakes are required in order to prevent drivers from crashing into anything from other cars to brick walls. All told, the Wazuma V8F tips the scales at just 1,433 lbs. and costs around £150,000. Expensive? Yes, but just think of its power-to-weight ratio compared to just about any other high-performance sports car out there and tell us you wouldn't be tempted.

Boss Hoss V8 Sound
Westfalen Boss Hoss Tag der offenen Tür 2012-07-21 Meine kleine Schwester auf ner dicken Maschine