BMW 335i M-Sport (720p)

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BMW 335is launch control
Just reached the Engine Break-in Period and going for my first launch control control test

bmw 335i with 20 inch rims Iforged vip gold...modded

Weekend Fun With The M3
I put a few more miles on the M3 this past weekend and just threw this clip together for the hell of it. Some high speed runs, drifts, and launches. Overall, nothing in this video is too crazy. I know this is more car than I can handle 100% right now and I'm still in the process of getting to know the cars character and limits. Overall, it's a great car and it's beyond what I was expecting.

BMW 335i e92 walkaround
Tuned 335i coupe stage 3 Vishnu Procede, coilovers, Maya STM's and all the trimmings