over shot jump big time

baja acres

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McGrath huge crash!.mov
This is the Big endo during the McGrath Invitational that resulted in a broken bone in MC's neck.

Trying to catch a CR500
2 Stroke forever!

Overshoot a Jump = Sprained Ankles, OUCH!!
**UPDATE 9/27/2012** I posted this video in April 2011, since then a lot of punkass kids have left all kinds of dribble in the comments. I have chosen not to delete any of these, because I honestly don't really care what you can do on your 85. My suspension was too soft for my weight (~220 lbs) and I had the balls of my feet on the pegs. I was wearing TCX Pro 2 boots, which have a hinged ankle. Class 3 sprain to my right ankle, ruptured all kinds of ligaments. Left ankle was also sprained, but not as bad. PS I finally added annotations so you can skip to the end and see what my ankle looked like. My ankle still bothers me 1.5 years later. Round 3 of the Sunbelt Series at West Texas Motocross Park in Midland, TX. Overshot a jump on the second lap and messed up my ankles. Finished the moto anyway!

stupid kid trys bike jump and fails
random kid tries a jump at some local trails and hits his face on the handlebars when he falls off, just a split lip he was fine and laughing about it with us! he hit his mouth on the second jump. you can see if you look closer