Jeep Wrangler LS3 Supercharged

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Evo lancer IX vs Jeep Wrangler SuperCharger and Ls3 engine

LS2 400hp V8 Jeep Wrangler beats mustang at drag strip
My 97 wrangler with an LS2 motor, at the drag strip. Making 400HP and 400Ft/lb of torque. Ended up running a 15.4 1/4 mile.

Jeep 4.0 supercharger
Eaton m90 Supercharger on jeep 4.0 for contact info on who and where to get this

Supercharged jeep wrangler eaton m90 water to air stage 1
91, jeep, wrangler, supercharged, eaton, m90, suv, off road, This superchared wrangler was custom built by Bird Speed.