Finished Look Cheap Rustoleum Roller Paint Job Project 1985 Mustang Convertible

Here is the final look of the Mustang Rustoleum Roller Paint Job Project car. So far I have about $700 in this cool convertible. What I had in the Geo Tracker $450 bought at the auction $50 for an alternator $50 in paint and supplies and another $50 for misc. Bought the wing for $40 at a local junkyard. Came off a 1987 Firebird. $15 for a caliper and $15 for a couple cans of clear coat. I should be able to get $1500 for it come tax time. VT247

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Professional Results from Rolling Oil based Paint AKA The $50 Paint Job
Ok, all the products for this paint job actually ended up costing me $34.00 I had the polisher and cutting compound and sandpaper already. #[This my Car I painted 3 years ago]( which held up until I sold it last year. #[This my Bus I painted 3 years ago]( which the paint showed no signs of weathering even after two years. [Here is a walk around]( #[Here are some pictures of the Forester]( #[Here is a video of the painting process]( This is my 1998 Subaru Forester with 208,000 miles. Its a great car (not a show car)but the clear coat had started to peel. Rather than have a "professional" respray my car I decided to tackle it myself. For quick demonstration of the idea I completed the hood of the car in 7 days from start to finish, including letting the paint cure for the last 2 days in the sun. #Here is what you will need: 1. [High Density foam Rollers]( c-4c3f-a28a-7590fa3af884_400.jpg) 2. [Painters Tape]( .2080-36_4.jpg) 3. [Oil Based Paint]( 4. [Low Odor Mineral Spirits]( 4006P/100147127) 5. 250 Grit Sandpaper Wet or Dry 6. 800 Grit Sandpaper Wet or Dry 7. (Polishing Paste]( 78eab33525d08d6e5fb8d27136e95/i/m/image_25917.jpg) 8. (Carnauba based Wax]( eab33525d08d6e5fb8d27136e95/i/m/image_24172.jpg) 9. [Polisher]( -69474.html) 10. [Cutting compound pad]( 11. [Polishing Pad]( #Here is the Process: 1. Wash with soap, to make sure surface is clean 2. Wet Sand with 250 grit to a uniform dullness 3. Wash with soap again to make sure all dust and dirt is off. 4. Tape off areas that do not need paint 5. Mix 1 part Oil based paint with 1 part Low Odor Mineral Spirits 6. Roll on paint slowly, You may have bubbles, this is ok, they will pop eventually. You can run your Foam roller over the area with no pressure (just the weight of the roller) to burst the bubbles. 7. Wait at least 5-8 hours Roll on another coat 8. Repeat this step as many times as you want,(I did this 7 times, you need at minimum 5 coats to get full coverage) 9. Wet sand with 800 grit Sandpaper if texture of paint appears to resemble the [Skin of an Orange.]( .113928/) 10. Wait 2 days for paint to fully cure. 11. Polish with cutting compound 12. Polish with Carnuaba based Wax 13. [Go to the Pub, have a beer, you just painted your car.]( pg) #[For those who think the paint will deteriorate because of the product I used]( /50dollarpaint.html) , here is Rickwrenche's Corvair after 3 years in the California sun. The reason is that your building up extremely thin coats, which builds a harder shell than just 1 thick coat of non-thinned oil base paint.

50/50 mix on $600 mustang project
lol....yes, another video of my $600. 1991 Mustang brave & tried the 50/50 mix on my $27. rustoleum safety red paint job...adding some cheap paint thinner.

$50 Rustoleum Car Paint Job
This is a slide show of how i painted my 1992 buick lesabre with rustoleum gloss black and a roller. everyone say $50 dollar paint job but it is closer to a $100 paint job but still looks pretty good there is still some more buffing and polishing left to do i ran out of steam for a little while

How To Paint Your Car With A Roller
For the hood, I decided to employ the "Rustoleum Roller" method I've seen done so many times. (I have done it before, with just a hood, as well). The result is not quite stunning yet, but with a lot of elbow grease and time, it's going to be wonderful! Hit subscribe to see how this paint job turns out! Leave a like and a comment, too!