2004 Toyota Matrix XR Startup

Same car, Similar revs, but from the interior with the doors and windows shut.

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Обзор Toyota Matrix XR 2004

My Gaming Rig
Modded Gateway FX541S Motherboard: ECS 680i Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 Graphics Card: ASUS GTS 250 Dark Knight Edtition Power Supply: Japenese made 700 watt RAM: 3GB (2x 1024 MB & 2x 512 MB) Hard Drive: Western Digital Caviar SE16 500 GB Mouse: Gateway Standerd Mouse (Getting a Logitech G9 Later) Keyboard: Gateway Premium Keyboard (non-responsive some times so getting an Razer Arctosa) Fans: 2x 140mm & GPU fan DVD Drive: Generic DVD Burner (Possibily a Lite On) Moniter: Dell S2209W 21.5" 1080p HD Moniter Price: $1,300 for the computer with a 8600 GT, $180 For the GTS 250, $50 for the Speakers, $70 for the Headphones,$240 for the Moniter, and $100 For the Glasses I needed after 10 5 Hour Fragfests. Total Cost Excluding the Glasses: $1840. Total Cost Including the Glasses: $1940.

2004 Toyota Matrix XR
If you have any questions about this vehicle, please feel free to contact Mitchell Watts at 205.283.0075 or at mitchell.watts@alabamaford.com

2004 Toyota Matrix Radio Upgrade
Matrix Radio Install.wmv - uploaded 123013 - As a favor to a long time friend of MACS, I offered to help retrieve some CDs that were "stuck" in the stock radio's 6 disc changer. Sure, no problem, I thought. Actually, it was pretty easy to get the CDs out of the old radio. Since it was broken anyway, finesse was not required. But, as it usually goes with jobs like these, the statement was made "I wish there was some way to get that fixed so the CD would work". As you could imagine, those few innocent words opened a can of Radio Upgrade Worms that lead to two full days of work, two trips to Best Buy (one to the big box store by the mall, the other to their website) and a few wrong parts that still need to be returned at the store. Ultimately, things worked out great. The replacement radio works like a charm, and will hopefully provide many miles of audio entertainment. Plus, it all lead to the best part of all... THIS YOUTUBE VIDEO!!!!! 2 Hour job, played for you in Fast Forward. Mostly at 4x speed, some parts at 8x speed. Please leave your questions and comments below, and be sure to check out our website at www.macsw.org. Thanks for watching!