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Motorized Bicycle ride 2-5-11 Los Angeles.wmv

Sorry about the junk quality..the converter I used to use windows movie maker sucked ass. Motorbicycling.com event that i went on through venice CA manhattan beach near LAX


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Motorized Bicycle Racing
racing in the streets This video was uploaded from an Android phone.

Death Race 2010 Main Helmet cam Laps 1-6 Part 1
Motorized Bicycle Racing Helmet Cam Main Event Part 1 Laps 1-6 Spooky Tooth Cycles Death Race April 18,2010 at Musselman Honda Circuit (P1 Kart Circuit) in Tucson, Arizona

limitless (gas-electric bicycle)

212cc motorized bicycle race bike 55 MPH 70 MPG
this is my second bike build. it has disk brakes, 212cc 4 stoke engine, front suspension, it made 10.3 HP on the Dyno!

Motorized Bicycle Expansion Chamber Comparison
SBP expansion chamber VS. stock muffler

Motorized Bicycle Burnout
tire smoke from the motorized bicycle!

Motorized Bicycle Rally - 2008
http://www.motoredbikes.com - Our first annual motorized bicycle rally in Ocean Park, WA.

Motorized Bicycle Ride GoPro HD Hero 2 (29.06.13)

Motorized Beach Cruiser 66cc
This is my GRUBEE Skyhawk 66cc motorized beach cruiser. It took 10 hours to build. It tore up my rear wheel hub within 2 weeks. The replacement wheel took me a few hours to put on. It goes about 25 mph, but vibrates horribly. It comfortably goes about 15 mph. Edit: Clocked it. My speed guesses were way off. It goes 30 comfortably... topped it at 35 downhill. And to those asking how I'm filming, the camera is a GoPro with a chest harness. Edit: for Anthony: http://youtu.be/x1wTLS5Cof4

Custom Motorized Felt el Guapo Lowrider rat rod
Custom motorized felt el Guapo rat rod low rider built by norm at http://venicemotorbikes.com/

48cc Motored Bicycle.
48cc Grubee "SkyHawk GT2" 1.95hp 2 stroke motor. on a Schwinn cruiser style bicycle. Similar to a moped. Pedal, release clutch lever, use throttle. Clutch in when applying the brakes or coasting downhill.. Does 30-35mph. The engine does not fully warm up by the time the video ends. Always wear your helmet kids!

Motorized bike engine rebuild
First song : Silence - Flocon Second song : Silence - Plume

Steve Reichert's motorized 4 stroke bicycle --- HD
This is a video I put together of my uncle Steve Reichert's Motorized Bicycle project that he has been working on for the last few years. Most of the mechanical systems were designed fabricated by Steve. Also for those who want to learn more about the bike I just add a new video where Steve spends some time on the details of his creation at the link below. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aBynA8tMm1E I'll post more details as he give them to me but here are some of the specs: Over head camshaft 1 cylinder Honda for 4 stroke.

66cc 55mph motorized bicycle shift-kit-ported-sbp pipe-cr machine head-in frame gas tank
ported head .050 off the jug, reed kit,cr machine cool head,sbp pipe,15.5 flat slide carb,hd shift kit,skyhawk bottom end,tank in frame 8 speed

Spooky Tooth Honda Nomad Motorized Bicycle Adventure
2 awesome girls take a 1000 mile trip around Arizona for Spooky Tooth Cycles of Bisbee AZ. This eye opening adventure is the launch of the new Spooky Tooth Nomad motorized bicycles powered by Honda 4 cycle engines and the new 4G timing belt transfer case. visit spookytoothcycles.com for more

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