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305 HO all original

Let us know. Aircleaner flipped over or not. Be sure to let us know in comments below.


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Paving Daytona
Caterpillar D9 supports Paver. Cat D8 supports Roller. Hamm DV-8 Double Steel Drum Roller compacts asphalt. ABG 525 fixed screen paver places asphalt. Triaxle Dump Truck hauls asphalt. Roadtec 1000 shuttle buggy transfers asphalt from truck to crane. Link Belt 60 ton hydraulic crane supports conveyor that feeds asphalt to paver.

Monte Carlo SS 305 H.O. engine install part 4 - it's done!
Finally got the engine finished up and running. All I have left is to replace the fuel tank and it should be a driver. Had some problems getting it to run with fuel pump sourced fuel. Ended up having to take the top of the Q-jet carb and loosening up the float (it sat unused for 14 years!). Now all is well.

1985 Monte Carlo SS 305ho trouble shooting help needed
275 dollar carb rebuild now might be a paper weight...

1984 Camero Z28 305 HO V8
Viewing a third generation 1984 Chevy Camero Z28 305 HO V8. The car has been repainted. The interior has been replaced and update. The engine has been rebuilt with less than 500 miles total miles on the car is over 132 thousand.

Huge antique truck auction. This is in Friesland Wisconsin July 25th 2013. Just an awesome collection up for auction. Nice Diamond T's, Reo's, Kenworth's, Macks, and much more.....

Itty Bitty 305 H.O
1982 Chevy Camaro Z28

1985 Monte Carlo SS
My new ride i just bought sold my caddy....all original new paint n stripes n decals new wheela n tires rebuild original 305 H.O. Gona drop a fat clean system soon.

1984 chevy camaro z28 first start 305 with hot cam 287 intake 305 exhaust
this is my first start havent set the idle or anything. it sounds real strong so for. this is the 3rd one i built lets see how long this one last haha.

Disassembling the 305 Chevy
I pulled my old 305 from the 1985 Caprice apart this fall. We got to this point, and haven't bothered to re visit the project, since my new truck has been taking up all of my time.

HC's 83' Malibu 305 V8 Swap
After months of work HC's 1983 Malibu is running. V6 231 to V8 305. There are still a few things left, power steering, fan shroud, heater hose, the transmission needs a bit of work and of course the dual Exhaust needs to be added. But for now it's semi drivable.

1982 Chevy Camaro Z28 (305 H.O.)
1982 Chevy Camaro Z28 (305 H.O.)

1962 c20 Chevy Truck 305 HO Break in (1 of 3)
This is my 62 3/4 ton pickup. I just got done rebuilding the 305 High Output motor with the HO performance kit. This video is after it started for the first time. Initial break in for flat tappet lifters requires immediate rev up to 2000 rpm and oscillate 2000-3000 rpm for 20-30 minutes. This ensures that the lifters mate up properly with the cam. Otherwise the cam lobes can wear and round. Use break in oil. Then change the oil and filter and drive for 1000 miles and change oil again. This ensures you remove any initial metal filings.

1985 Monte Carlo SS - Engine Rebuild (BEFORE)
1985 Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS Stock Chevy Small Block 305 H.O. (Est. 180 HP) Thrush mufflers. This is just a short video of the old sound to compare with the new sound after the rebuild. Car is currently apart in my driveway. Two videos of the AFTER sound, one with open headers and one with the new dual Exhaust, will be coming soon!

Schenk Monte Carlo SS Five Speed
This is the five speed 1985 Monte Carlo SS produced by Schenk Chevrolet. See the April 1986 edition of Super Chevy for details. Email schenkmontecarloss@yahoo.com or call 404-925-7731

1987 Monte Carlo SS T-Tops Black
1987 Chevy Monte Carlo SS - Black, burgandy interior, T-Tops, 305 HO chevy, black, dual Exhaust, superchip, 3.73 posi. My dad bought this car in 1990.

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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