Lola-Aston V12 amazing sound - Le Mans 2011

Lola-Aston (car 22) accelerating from the Mulsanne corner on the Sunday morning. Won't hear a noise like this at Le Mans again for a while - or ever? Car is followed the by the Ford GT then the remaining Audi R18

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Le Mans 2011 - Hunaudières
Uncut footage of the 2011 Le Mans 24 hours at the Ligne Droite des Hunaudières - or Mulsanne Straight for our english fans. The video was shot on saturday at around 5:45pm from a legal spot halfway down to the first chicane. Please excuse some shaking and the lack of editing. I did this clip in a hurry.

1972 Matra Simca MS670C Howling V12 Sound at Le Mans (Accelerations & Fast Flyby)
The howling V12 3.0 litre of the Matra MS670C driving at the legendary circuit of Le Mans during the Le Mans Classic, the most beautiful historic car racing event of 2014! This car captured my attention every single time it drove by. It has a beautiful, howling-like sound. While a lot of other cars produce a very heavy sound, the sound of this car was very high pitched, resulting in a sound that could be heard from hundreds of metres away! For example when the Matra is surrounded by other cars like the Lola T70 or a bunch of Stingrays, you hear the Lolas and the Stingrays in the beginning, but once all the cars pull away it's the sound of the Matra that 'takes the floor' so to speak. You just keep hearing it making its way through the woods of the circuit! So definetely one of my favorite cars of the weekend! I never ever saw this car before in real life, or at least not driving but I wasn't surprised it made such a beautiful sound! A sound which I'm glad I can share with you guys! Hope you enjoyed the video, consider subscribing and leaving a comment/like if you did enjoy watching this video! Thanks for watching. Follow us on Twitter! Like us on Facebook!

Mazda 787B onboard lap with Johnny Herbert at Le Mans 2011
On Saturday, as a warm-up to the race, Johnny Herbert (UK) returned for the first time to the wheel of his winning car for two laps of pure emotion.

Sounds of American LeMans! 2011 Sebring I share great stuff on there! Please let me know what you liked or hated about this video! I read everything! Just some clips I took while at the 12hrs of Sebring in 2011. These cars are so addictive. Wish I got more audio from the paddock area before the race but I was sleeping in my car. Oh well....there is always next year.