old trucks

This is a video on Irish Trucking in the past .. Thanks to all that helped ! Subscribe,Comment,Rate and enjoy !

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The "Mothertrucker" Compilation, IDIOT TRUCK DRIVERS, CRAZY LORRY DRIVING FAILS 2017 This is the best of truck fails, from the stupid mothertrucking idiots.

Old School Trucking
These pictures were taken in the 70´s and 80´s at Kiel habour by my father.

European trucks of '80 and '90
Un'altra serie di foto di camion dagli anni '80 e '90 ....un pò di nostalgia...altri tempi altri trucks on the road....il viaggio continua, buona strada!! La canzone è "Truck driver's Queen" The Willis Brothers...I love country!!!

Lorry and Truck Drivers, 1970's - Film 6727
The lorry driver has to get up very early. Cycles to work in the dark. The lorry driver needs a second breakfast due to being up so early. The lorry driver has dinner with other drivers. He isn't allowed to the drive faster than 50 mph. He makes the delivery to the docks and helps the dockworkers load them onto the ship by crane. He sleeps in a lodging with other drivers, as it is too late to go home.