Club4AG's Scion FRS, Paddle Shift AT, Drift Testing

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2015 Scion FR-S automatic drifting video - DHS
2015 Scion FR-S sports coupe is still the affordable rear wheel drifting sensation even when fitted with the optional sequential paddle shifting 6-speed automatic transmission. 15-in-the-2015-scion-fr-s-automatic-video-short-review

How to Drift a Road Car: a Step-By-Step Tutorial
Learn how to drift a road car in this Driver 61 step-by-step guide. See the detailed article and download the free Top Tips PDF at Almost every driver I speak to wants to learn how to drift. There no doubt about it, drifting looks cool. Long sideways slides with loads of tyre smoke and apart from the rubber bill, what’s not to love? However, most of the videos we’ve seen on the internet show how to drift a purpose-built drift car or a high-powered road car. Well, in this video I’m going to explain exactly how I drifted a standard 2-liter, 200 BHP Toyota GT86. This guide is a step-by-step guide to how to drift, including: - Beginning the drift – unsettling the rear of the car when you turn - Maintaining the drift – the tyre-smoking fun part - Drift transitioning – changing from drifting one way, to the other - Exiting the drift – collecting it all together and smoothly bringing the car back to a straight line If you want to learn more about driving on track, please visit the Driver 61 website at For more videos, how to and circuit guides please SUBSCRIBE to our channel. -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- What's it like driving a retro F1 car? Find out: -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-

Automatic frs facts with kris.H
Explaining the benefits and myths about the automatic frs and it's performance

Our first steps in learning how to drift an automatic frs at 626 drift
Warning: Might make you dizzy watching. Try being a passenger! Sorry for the smudge on the dash cam.