First Ride In The All New Limited Edition Jaguar XKR 175 With Nik J. Miles

Preview Of The All New Limited Edition Jaguar XKR 175 With Nik J. Miles

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2011 Jaguar XKR 175 Test Drive & Review
Steve and Sarah take us around in the new 2011 Jaguar XKR 175 edition.

Lennock Test Drive Series - Jaguar XKR
Justin takes the awe-inspiring Jaguar XK-R for a run through Canberra, out on to the highway to Murrumbateman (just out of Canberra) and has lunch at Shaw Vineyard Estate. Along the way, Justin talks about some of the features of the XK-R and demonstrates just 'how at home' the car feels on the road - either in a built up area, along the highway or on a country road. Hear the roar of the supercharged V8 and admire the sleek lines of this beautifully engineered motor vehicle. Driving isn't just about getting from 'A' to 'B', it's also about having some fun and enjoying the lifestyle freedom that comes with owning a car from Lennock. Remember, you can check out more information about the XK-R and other cars from Lennock's impressive range of cars at:

Jaguar XKR
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Car of the week- Jaguar XKR 175 092110.mp4
Check out Brian C of Jaguar Mission Viejo talking about the Jaguar XKR. A great video for anyone what wants to know more about the Jaguar XKR and see what this R performance car can really do! For more information on this car visit