Undercar CTS-V drive and launches (wheel hop)

Undercarriage CTS-V drive/launches GO TO 1:40 for spine punching WHEELHOP

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wheel hopping
Wheel hooping then pulling tire

GTO 6 speed wheel hop
Some video of my car with the typical wheel hop issue. Rear suspension is stock except for poly cradle bushings and Lovell's HD Zero Drop Springs.

Supra GoPro under car suspension slow motion wheel hop
1994 Supra 6 speed. Trying to diagnose wheel hop. GoPro Hero2 mounted under the car.

Cadillac CTS-V wrecks into WALL at Orlando Speedworld...
ALL FOOTAGE PULLED FROM THE DVD AVAILABLE AT www.freelifefilms.com The driver walked away unharmed. Did some nice damage to the car and retaining wall at Orlando Speedworld during the NO Guts No Glory 2 event. Even had On-Star dispatch rescue to the track.