Jaguar XJ8 speeding through a neighborhood

Me and my friend speeding through Tanglewood in his 99 Jaguar XJ8. Took a pretty nice 80mph turn at about 3:20..... enjoy

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Bearded Dragon- Escape Attempt
This is Enrique, my 2 year old beardie, trying to make a break for it. And don't worry he gets out of his cage plenty, so he's not stressed about being in there for too long. He's about 21 inches long and is very healthy! If you live in florida and are looking for a good breader for beardies send me a message and I'll give you the number of a good one. DynamicDuo, If you want some more vids I have a new camera and can post more.

575HP LS3 Swapped Jaguar XJ8L - One Take
I shouldn't even have to say this, you should already know: Karl's Jag is one of the coolest project cars i've ever had the pleasure of driving. Take a pretty but mostly unloved long-wheelbase Jag sedan, rip out the drivetrain, and shove a Ligenfelter-prepped LS3 making 488 horsepower to the wheels through a GATED manual T56 transmission, make the interior look Superfly, and add a few subtle-yet-awesome touches to the body, and man, we do have a winner. Too bad about the rain, but the Jag makes it feel like a sunny day! Follow Karl on Instagram:

Jaguar XJ8 at nurburgring
My third lap of the Nordschleife and we were lucky enough to have access to the sudschliefe GP circuit. The 4.0l AJ 27 engined XJ auto was quick on the straights but a bit boat like on the bends!

Jaguar vs. Chicken | Jaguar USA
Magic Body Control? We prefer cat-like reflexes, don't you? Visit to learn more.