Geglazing (honing) a Cylinder

I demonstrate the use of a cylinder hone to deglaze the bores in preparation for an engine rebuild.

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how to hone engine cylinders
honeing engine cylinders with a raybrook noding donky and a abra hone head

Dissolving carbon buildup from pistons - Cleaning piston ring grooves engine rebuild compression
Cleaning horrible carbon buildup from the pistons and ring grooves. I had tried many things including scraping, soaking, etc. I tried various products including seafoam and Marvel Mystery Oil MMO Soak with no success. I finally tried this Berryman's Chemtool which worked great. Rebuilding my Saturn 1.9 DOHC engine with new rings, bearings, seals, etc. due to a low compression in cylinder 3 situation. The engine was old and it was time for an overhaul.

How to polish a crank ( crankshaft ) Presents a video on how to polish your crank shaft. Any questions call 616-430-3114 ask for KYLE. We are located out of Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Brush Research and the Flex-Hone® Tool
Brush Research is an American manufacturer of custom and standard industrial brushes and the patented Flex-Hone® Tool for surface finishing, deburring, edge radiusing, and cleaning. BRM has been a global leader in honing tools, wire brushes, and abrasive nylon brushes for over 50 years. The Flex-Hone is a flexible cylinder hone used in a variety of industries to achieve specific surface finishes as well as cross hole deburring.