Y-Block Tri-power

My Dads' 272 Ford, which he has rebuilt with new cam, Weiand triple intake and 3 94's. The engine wasn't bolted down at all on the stand, so it couldn't rev too hard as it tipped a lot. Still needs headers and a later distributor with mechanical advance. Will be hooked to a 4-speed toplader.

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1956 312 Y Block Startup 2012
we have not touched this in about 3 years, despite some troubles ... this engine ran, and ran well. Skip ahead to about 9 minutes if you want to miss the problems and just want to see this thing run.

Holley 94 2 Barrel Rebuild
http://www.carburetor-blog.com is providing this free video about the Holley 94, 2 barrel carburetor rebuild procedure.

hot rod ford 292 Y block project engine crank up
picked this old 292 up from a buddy of mine ,he had it squirled away for years ,got the trans and rear end with it ,decided to crank it see how it sounds

Ford F-100 with Y-block ready for Bonneville
Charlies 258ci Y-block F-100 gets ready to break speed reacord for production pickup class at Bonneville.