Y-Block Tri-power

My Dads' 272 Ford, which he has rebuilt with new cam, Weiand triple intake and 3 94's. The engine wasn't bolted down at all on the stand, so it couldn't rev too hard as it tipped a lot. Still needs headers and a later distributor with mechanical advance. Will be hooked to a 4-speed toplader.

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Jon D's 292 Y Block break in

This engine has had some special modern day upgrades and here are some parts and techniques used... --1956 ECZ-A 292 Block Bored out to 3.80, Lifter Bores Channeled for Better Oiling --312 Crank with Mains Turned to fit 292 Specs at 2.498. Oil Slinger left in place --Probe I-Beam Rods with Probe Forged Pistons --Clay Smith Cam #C272, .464 lift, 224 Duration @ .050 .108* Lobe Seperation --Entire Rotating Assy Balanced --Smith Bros. Moly Push Rods --Dove 1.6 Roller Rockers --113 Heads with Stainless 2.02/1.60 Valves 3 Angle Grind --Blue Thunder Intake with Holley 1850 4 BBL Carb. 600 CFM --Double Roller Timing Chain

1957 Y-Block Start Up in my 1928 Ford Roadster Hotrod
Starting up the 'ole girl for the first time in many years. She actually ran really well for her age.

1962 Twin Turbo 292 Y-block 721 whp Robi's Repair
292 Ford y-block with Twin HE351CW turbos. Running 23 psi on E85. Engine is has a stock Ford block, Stock Ford Steel crank, Scat H-beam rods, Probe pistons, FAST EFT 1000cfm throttle body with Holley Commander 950 fuel management.