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Y-Block Tri-power

My Dads' 272 Ford, which he has rebuilt with new cam, Weiand triple intake and 3 94's. The engine wasn't bolted down at all on the stand, so it couldn't rev too hard as it tipped a lot. Still needs headers and a later distributor with mechanical advance. Will be hooked to a 4-speed toplader.


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Hilborn injected Y Block start-up
SBC hilborn injector adapted to a 333 cu in Ford Y Block 11.5 compression on E-85

Y-Block Ford V8 for my Front Engine Dragster.

Y-block running open headers
Charlies 258ci Y-block Ford V8 running open, sounds great!

Y-Block Ford Block Work
292 Ford Y-block gettin' the "treatment" at the machine shop!

Jon D's 292 Y Block break in

272 y-block dyno pull

1963 Ford Galaxie 406 Tri-Power first drive!
Taking the 406 Ford out on the open road for the first time. Learn more about the 406 at www.406ford.com

292 Mercury Y-Block - Start, Idle, Rev
Just a sound clip (and photo) of my 292 starting, idling a bit, and then revving up. Exhaust is true duals (1 7/8" pipe) with short Cherry Bombs and long tailpipes. Sound is recorded from behind the truck.

Tim's Y-block Ford Unibody LSR
Test run of Tim's Ford F-100 land speed racer.

Y-Block Ford, Tim McMaster cutting C1TE head for larger valves
No need to waste your money on a set of ECZ-G heads for the street, just use a set of C1TE, C1AE or C0AE heads (they are all posted) and cut them for larger valves. I use Windsor 1.85" intake and 1.54" Exhaust. They work very well and you can save the "G" heads for your racecar.

1960 Ford F-350 Y Block 292 Headers and Stacks
This is my 1960 Ford flatbed, I paid 50 bucks for it back in 7th grade. It was under water for a long time in a flood. I brought it home and soaked the cylinders in WD-40 and got it unstuck. Now it runs great. Good ol' y block.

350ci Y Block Ford for Elwood run in
Running the 350 ci Y-Block that was ment for the LSR Uni but will now go in my FED.

1955 Ford 272 Y block very cold start
After sitting for 7 or 8 weeks without a battery charge, on a 6 volt battery

Y-Block Ford V8 cam bearing install
Cam bearing insallation on a Y-Block Ford V8, this is sown in real time rome the beginning of the install to the turning of the cam, no splicing, to so how easy it is to do the job right with no scraping.

y-block 6x2 intake manifold and carbs
y-block ford intake and carbs

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