Just a video of the fire up of my 300 horsepower turbo charged 1978 Z1R turbo drag bike. Here's a link to my new bike with a similar motor on alcohol. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pmz05fpxuWg&list=FLyjqY5usyoXmTyaU8alXNQg&index=14

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Tribute To Bobby Briggs who died Nov. 7th 2010. Great man.
Dedicated to a great man who always had a warm handshake and smile for anyone. He died Nov. 7, 2010 peacefully at home but those he inspired can live on to try to be like him. He supported local racers and was known for his Briggs Bash "No Haters" drag racing series. He was a no-bullshit straight shooter and would fix your bike only charging what you could afford. He fixed the very first Z1 Kaw that I ever bought almost 20 years ago. This was filmed at one of his last Briggs Bash events. Watch as turbocharged Kawasakis once again dominate the field. (what Bobby rode...see Bobby's street bike at 1.26 min) Real riders. Real drag racing on a beautiful Sunday in sunny Cleveland Ohio at Thompson Drag Raceway. The 9th Annual Briggs Motorcycle Bash was filmed by joeveal@aol.com on 5-16-10 (joeveal buys motorcycles) email: joeveal@aol.com

Z1 - Top Gear
Requested clip of Top Gear

KAWASAKI Z1-R tc turboをセッティング中! すでに140psオーバーですが、まだまだいけそう!?

Z1 R turbo next run with three inches shorter Yoshi 18 5 2012