Infiniti G35 Twin Turbo Vs Domestic Muscle Vs IS-F RacewayPark New Jersey Aug 24 2008 August 24, 2008

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550 HP Twin-Turbo Infiniti G35 Coupe - One Take
This is Project Import's track-focused Infiniti G35. The entire car has been stripped for track work, with advanced suspension setup, full aero package, and lightweight wheels with sticky tires. But most importantly, it packs a twin-turbo kit which doubles the stock power output of the VQ35 Engine. It's a monster. Check out Project Import's G35 on Wheelwell! b89ed1c1797c1/story/

Don't make this $4,000 mistake that I did...
This is my final assignment for Jumpcut Academy. The video is about my story of getting these wheels and the frustrations I had gone through. The wheels ended up being smaller than I expected and that was why I could never get the right tire look. Finally, at least I know now. Enjoy Music provided by Woodysproduce

Day In The Life With An Infiniti G35! *THE BABY GTR*
I have to say, I was impressed with this G35! Watch to find out what happens! GET AV HATS HERE! I try to create both automotive/entertaining videos multiple times a week! If you like what you saw or laughed at any point during this video. Do yourself a favor and smash that subscribe button! I promise I won’t let you down;) SIGN UP FOR FREE ON THROTL! CODE(AV693) Instagram@alxander_vargas Twitter@alexvargasvlog snapchat@alexvargas831 Camera setup up- 7O2DJU/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1483384827&sr=8-3&keywords=rx100+iii Who made my intro!?@

2003 vs. 2007 Infiniti G35 Coupe - Differences and Comparison!
I had the opportunity to take my g35 and my friend's out for the day to do the comparison video I promised! Music: "Winning" King Alastair (Graham King) SoundCloud: Instagram: Twitter: Check out all of our other videos on the channel! Follow me @Seanbeingsean on all socials. Thanks for watching!