Sno drift 2007 Day 2

Sno drift rally day 2 in the Galant VR4 rally car... Driver: Larry Parker Co-driver Mandi Gentry

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SE Lousada - Rali de Portugal 1992 (3/5)
Transmissão em directo na RTP1 da classificativa da Lousada do Rali de Portugal de 1992. Concorrentes: (6) Kenneth Eriksson - Mitsubishi Galant / (9) Markku Alen - Toyota Celica GT-Four (10) Timo Salonen - Mitsubishi Galant / (17) Jose Maria Bardolet - Ford Sierra Cosworth

Modified Mitsubishi Galant VR4 - One Take
The Mitsubishi Galant VR4, occasionally referred to by enthusiasts as the "Evo 0," was Mitsubishi's homologated road car so they could go rally racing. Featuring the 4G63 turbo four-cylinder engine and a (then) advanced AWD system, the Galant VR4 is the father of the DSM cars of the early 1990's and the grandfather of the Lancer Evolution. This version has been modified by LOJ Innovations of Little Egg Harbor, NJ. Check out the Galant VR4 on WheelWell! b85cdf9f511922bc2/specs/

Patrick Snijers- BMW M3 E30- Rally Manx 88
Así se lleva un M3 !

Mitsubishi Galant VR-4 vs Audi TT Саратов 15.06.2013