First GoPro Video MX101 April 11, 2012

First GoPro MX101 April 11, 2012 MX101 Epping, NH

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Factory 45 @ MX 101 4/7/2012 (Opening Day)
This is me on opening day 2012 @ MX 101. Jason made some cool changes to the track...and over 20 Quads showed. Finally hit the spectator jump...seemed pretty wimpy of me to have waited till now but D-Town helped with that. Now...I do work there as well so that is why the slow lap to check for boulders. Enjoy :)

mx101 250sxf
My second time riding at 101. 2nd time back on the bike after a bad crash.

JDay Offroad Rd 7, MX 101, Epping, NH. 7/8/2012
Moto 2 Lap 1 C-Vet

sand del lee may 2012 (Braz Racing)
rider : Samuel Brazeau.he also have facebook:Braz Racing team