1980 Buick Riviera Dealer Demonstration

This is form a 1979 promotional LaserDisc that I found it is for 1980 model year Buick's. In 1978 GM contracted with Pioneer and MCA/DiscoVision to put the Pioneer PR-7800 LaserDisc player into its dealerships, the discs where to be used for demonstrations as in this disc or for training purposes. Now in the early days of laserDisc manufacture there was a very high failure rate, sometimes as high as 85% during the mastering/pressing process, so that left a lot of sides of discs that where unusable. Well these where used to fill the blank side of a disc, the "dead" side was then coated with a special plastic that was clear to the human eye, but it would not reflect the laser beam, thus the side would not play. Well the coating can be removed with rubbing alcohol, which is what I did. These reject discs will ONLY play on the older style of laserDisc player that uses a laser tube.

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GM Sales Training Reel 1980 f/ Chevy Malibu and Monte Carlo from Discovision Laserdisc
I recently bought a Discovision Laserdisc set of SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER at a second hand shop for $1. It was from 1979 and the film was recorded over 3 discs (between 20 and 25 minutes a side). 5 sides of the discs contained the film, but side 6 (Disc 3, Side 2) was apparently 'dead', as the discs label stated there was no material on that side. I had heard that early laserdiscs had random material recorded on their 'dead' sides, but were covered with a light film, so it couldn't be played. So, I removed the film with rubbing alcohol and then buffed the disc out. What was on that 'dead' side is what is presented here. It's a General Motors show reel and sales training reel. The 1980 Monte Carlo and Malibu models are featured. The disc had English language in the left speaker and Spanish in the right speaker. I've included only the English Audio here. I hope you enjoy this amazing rarity!

1974 Buick - Airbags
1974 Buick Dealer Training Film - Airbags

Inherited '84 Buick Riviera T Type
1984 Buick Riviera T Type...44,000 original miles and was owned by my grandfather. Immaculate two tone leather interior, digital dash, sports steering wheel, moonroof, turbo v6, less than 1000 made in 1984. Even the rear trunk is electric! I recently had a new radiator, new front shocks, tuned and new battery installed. Receipts to show work. This car does have some hail damage from a recent storm but many of the dents have popped out with the summer heat/sun. (Note: The dash light is for the parking brake which was engaged) Overall very nice car.

B.B. King singing Juts a Little Bit Of Love on ABC's Music Scene in 1969
This was captured form Laser Disc using my Pioneer CLD-D703 LaserDisc player and captured by running the video into my Canon HV-30 HDV Camcorder. A very good live performance by B.B. King. There was a time where audio mattered in a TV show.