Lancer OZ Turbo

It's an 2003 Lancer OZ Rally with custom Evo 8 turbo kit. Video recorded with a Kodak Playsport Zx3. Built by T1 Motorsports Tuned by Rallinspired Rick

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Update on my Mitsubishi Lancer OZ Rally Edition
In this video I discuss all that I have been up to following my trip to StanceWars Seattle 2017. Please like comment and subscribe for more content!

Mitsubishi Lancer OZ Turbo Kit by RRM Road Race Motorsports
My first post of 2017! I was and still am really into cars, even though most of my videos on my channel are related to my Cafe Racer Yamaha Virago Build, I was modding and tuning cars way back when I first got my license at 16! I have been wrenching and doing my own work for as long as I can remember! I did this entire turbo installation on my own in the middle of November when I used to live near Toronto, over 10 years ago! At the time, RRM had the best aftermarket parts and support for the Lancer so I jumped on the opportunity to buy this kit. RRM is still around but it seems they now have parts for a lot of other companies and cars now instead of just a Lancer and Suzuki swift. Here's the link to the original video: As always, please support my channel by subscribing and be sure to check out my company! My company is called LD WEST Instagram: @LD_WEST

Lancer 4g92 idling with turbo
..and custom 60mm Exhaust, which is a bit loud for me, but let us see later. Intake is being fabricated. The car is equipped with Megasquirt (MS2 Extra).

Mitsubishi Lancer: RRM Header
Before and After video. RRM header, custom piping, and flowmaster 40 series muffler.