Ford LTD Country Squire 1977

This is Aunt Edna. She is a 1977 Ford LTD Country Squire. These kings of the road once ruled the automotive landscape, now slowly being forgotten. She was found under a tree in 2004, sitting for three years. It had mold growing inside the windows and was being used for storage by the farmer that owned it. I paid $150....shes come a long way since then. The paint looked orange it was so badly faded, the wood sides where white, and the whole brake system was took some labor and a lot of love....but its been worth it. When I was driving home in November of 2005, I hit a deer at 65 mph in the Chicago burbs. I found a salvage yard where I go to school in Macomb, IL (home of WIU), I repainted the front clip, and replaced it my apt. parking lot. This video was taken at whim. I was playing with my digital camera and I discovered that it could record. This was also the last time the wagon was able to drive. In January of 2007, my head gasket blew. I sent it to a local shop in Macomb, IL called D_D's Garage. He had the car for three months to fix it. It was never right. I took it back to Chicago, Aunt Edna over heated and cracked a head. I had her towed back to D_D's Garage, where he had it for another four months. He scamed me, I now have a car that longer is driveable. But Aunt Edna is getting another engine this spring. And yes, that is Close Encounters of the Third Kind playing on 8 track.

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1982 Bert Weinman Ford Commercial
1982 Bert Weinman Ford commercial. Get one of those beautiful 1977 Chevys and Fords for only $2188! Also pushing out those 1982s for the upcoming 1983s. And they're open Sunday too! Linn does a great job with the selling! Sadly, this legendary Chicago dealership recently closed! **This commercial is from my 1977-83 Commercials volume 2 set**

Country Squire Tribute
This is my personal tribute to a great singer and an American legend, the Ford LTD Country Squire. You know when someone or something of our culture has truly made it when its on South Park or The Simpsons. I found this song by accident on I Tunes. I have never heard of Thom Shepard till now. I recommend his other songs, they are really well done. He also wrote Riding with Private Malone, that singer David Ball came out with in 2000-2001ish. Most of the pictures where pulled off however, there are a few from my personal collection of CS wagons. The second before the last, is when my red '77 CS made its day view late October 2005. You can hardly see it but its back there. It's sad to see great motor cars like these slowly be forgotten. Like the others in its day,Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser, Chevrolet Kingswood Estate, and many others, may we never forget what these cars did for the American family.

268 FTL 1977 Ford LTD Country Squire
Holiday Road!!! This story begins in 1977 when a family out of the suburbs of Chicago drove to Schmerler Ford in Elk Grove Village to purchase a family vehicle. 2 hours later the family left the dealership with their new '77 Ford LTD Country Squire Wagon. The family fell in love. Dad was proud to have purchased his very first brand new car. Mom was happy that dad was happy and the kids were just happy to have so much room in their new Wagon. Within a few days the decision was made to take a road trip to Acapulco, Mexico, (no, not to Walley World), for their yearly vacation. The family had such a good time that they went for 14 straight years in that very same car. The car soon became well known in Acapulco after some years of traveling there. The daily trip to the beach included up to 14 local kids in the spacious family vehicle. In 1991 it was time to retire the family Wagon, but it was out of question to put the car up for sale. It had been sitting on blocks in a heated storage unit in Chicago since then until 2014. Just about 2 years ago the car received a major mechanical overhaul including a complete engine rebuild. Around $15,000 was spent to get it back on the road – where it belongs. This 1977 Ford LTD Station Wagon is as original as they come. This is a 1 owner car with 94490 original miles. This dependable vehicle has never been in an accident, even on all of it's family road trips! The time has come for a new family to enjoy road trips and make their own memories in this beautiful Wagon. Located in our Fort Lauderdale showroom this 77 Ford LTD for sale can be seen in greater detail including HD pictures and video at For additional information please call 954-227-4202 or email Numbers Matching and Original Mileage Cars: If marked as such, the Owner states, this vehicles as numbers matching and/or original mileage. It has not been verified by Gateway Classic Cars. As such Gateway Classic Cars is not guaranteeing the authenticity of this claim. Buyer is encouraged to verify this information on their own, prior to purchase. - See more at: sthash.bt82mBoU.dpuf

Wagons of Steel
A video tribute to the great American station wagon set to music. Turn up the sound and enjoy the awesome woodgrain paneling we all remember so well of the big four, Ford, GM, Chrysler, and AMC. Thank You for watching today.