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Yamaha Bravo

Voici un petit jump faite par Dave Boucher racing sport present en motoneige avec sa big machine ..! Yamaha Bravo LT 250


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My 1987 Yamaha Bravo 250 (BR250)
This is just a short clip of my 1987 Yamaha Bravo250 that i had bought last year. I had to do a bit of work with it not much, just change the stator plate and coils, new gooseneck and new fuel pump. The sled hasnt been used in 14 years and i just recently unhooked to oil injection system before i took the video so i could mix my own gas. But as you can tell in the video the motor has a knocking in it every few seconds, and the motor is revving quite fast. I hooked the oil injection back up after i took this video because i figured that the seals and bearings inside the motor were dry and having the gas already mixed plus the oil injecting from the bottle would grease the motor up good. And well the revving part i fixed just by idling the engine down and adjusting the air screw. The video is nothing much, just wanted to show how good of shape the old beast is in lol...Please leave comments...preffered if they were good ones lol.

Yamaha Bravo 250 FAST JIMMY MOTORSPORTS JASV11 Bancroft Ontario Yamaha Bravo
FAST JIMMY MOTORSPORTS JASV11 Bancroft Ontario Yamaha Bravo

Yamaha viking vk540 III

Motoneiges yamaha
On a du fun avec nos motoneiges Yamaha...

yamaha bravo hitting drift

a day of sledding
fooling around up to the pole line

Yamaha bravo 340 sound
changed the cover for the gopro camera to try and get better sound, i bet your bravo doesn't sound like this, and no its not piped. ;)

Hitting Big Drifts With Touring Snowmobiles
This place always drifts up really big, and it always makes for a good time with some bad stucks sometimes. My camera has difficulties with the sun.

yamaha bravo 340
modded my bravo 250 short track into a 340 with bigger suspension and longer track, check my other vid to see photo progress of what i did

Snowmobiling around the house (2011 Yamaha Bravo)
Driving around the property on our Yamaha Bravo

1985 yamaha bravo
this is my 1985 yamaha bravo. it was pretty much junk picked and i put some different parts on it and now it runs and moves great

Wheelie/Tailwalk Rev 440
video was taken after a long day ripping up the backcountry hence the falling off. also taken in march +4 C! tired is an understatement! check out my other vids of actual RIDING...

yamaha bravo 1994 250cc
yamaha bravo 1994 250cc 2 temp 1 cylindre motoneige au quebec décembre 2010

yamaha bravo beating powder trail
1994 yamaha bravo winter 2008

Максимальная скорость на Yamaha Bravo
Скрость 65 км/ч по реке Белая. Для одноцилиндрового снегохода неплохо

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