08 colorado 3.7 wideband dyno tuned

ran 14.344 @ 93.77 mph at San Antonio Raceway 10/20/2010

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Driving then Hard Acceleration
Very Bored leaving my neighborhood so I thought I would do something somewhat fun lol. Mods: Performance Chip and thats it guys

6700 rpm fuel cut rev limiter
08 chevy colorado fuel cut rev limiter fuel cut rpm=6700 and fuel on rpm=6699 just for shits and giggles! the factory rev limiter is a spark cut and electronic throttle control. I can space the on/off rpm's further to make it sound like a two-step rev limiter but since I have the stock valvetrain, this setting stays.

3.7 Colorado VS 5.4 F150

05 Chevy Colorado I-5 straight cat
My 05 I-5 Colorado with straight pipe, just cat no muffler 0-60