08 colorado 3.7 wideband dyno tuned

ran 14.344 @ 93.77 mph at San Antonio Raceway 10/20/2010

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6700 rpm fuel cut rev limiter
08 chevy colorado fuel cut rev limiter fuel cut rpm=6700 and fuel on rpm=6699 just for shits and giggles! the factory rev limiter is a spark cut and electronic throttle control. I can space the on/off rpm's further to make it sound like a two-step rev limiter but since I have the stock valvetrain, this setting stays.

Tuned 08 chevy colorado 3.7L acceleration vid (shift points set too high)
just wait till the 4.10's go in and the temps and humidity drop.... 13's in the 1/4 mile easily! Still need to datalog the wideband.

2009 Chevrolet Colorado 3.7L I5 0-160 Acceleration
Crew cab 4x4 z71 suspension. Mod's include, K&N Cold Air intake, MBRP cat-back Exhaust, Hypertech Max Energy power programmer

6500 rpm shift points
08 chevy colorado 3.7