Audi RS6 StartUp & Acceleration

Audi RS6 StartUp & Acceleration

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Audi S8 V10 Start Up, Engine rev, & Pull Away
just another quick video. lots of cool sounds.

2013 Audi RS6 Avant Start Up and Drives in Monaco
In Monaco, I recorded this brand new Audi RS6, starting up and then leaving the casino square. It is a bit quiet though.... Needs a sportier Exhaust I think ! The look of this car is amazing. So agressive ! Enjoy !

Audi RS6 saloon startup
My dad's audi RS6 starting up after about 2 months being garaged, sadly no revving as the engine was cold.

Audi RS6 white; walkaround + ( little ) acceleration; 579,4 bhp
Me spotting a rs6 at the beginning of my street. I first did a walkaround, cause I didn't see the owner.... I waited for a while, but I had to get some fries. When I came back, the owner was already in his car, so I didn't have the opportunity to ask him for a nice acceleration. But he actually acellerated a bit.... Tnx for watching. Please comment and subscribe!!! Song: Chuckie & Silvio Ecomo, Moombah Facts ( in Dutch ): Merk: Audi Type: RS6 C6 Productiejaren: 2008 - heden Motor: 4.991 cc V10 Kleppen per cilinder: 4 PK: 579,4 pk Vermogen: 426 kW Koppel: 650 Nm Boring: 84,50 mm Slag: 89,00 mm Compressieverhouding: 10,5:1 Overbrenging: 6-traps automaat Gewicht: Limousine: 1972 kg Avant: 2025 kg Verbruik: stad/buitenweg/combinatie (l/100 km) Limousine: 20,3 / 10,2 / 13,9 Avant: 20,4 / 10,3 / 14,0 Emissie: Limousine: 331 g/km Avant: 333 g/km Topsnelheid: 250 (begrensd) km/u Sprint van stilstand tot 100 km/u: Limousine: 4,5 sec ;Avant: 4,6 sec