Cleaning Headlights With Tooth Paste

I used Crest toothpaste to clean a 2000 VW Jetta Headlight and IT WORKED!

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Headlight Restoration Using Toothpaste
What do you do when you have a little bit of toothpaste left over, and some severely oxidized headlights? You combine the two of course. For a look at what the headlights look like a year and 5 months later, check out this video.

How To Polish Hazy Plastic Car Headlights Cheap
Are your plastic car headlights hazy and opaque? Here's how to polish plastic car headlights the cheap way and remove the haze to make your headlights transparent again. Use a little bit of toothpaste and some car wax and 10 minutes of scrubbing, and your headlights will look new again. Polishing the headlights also makes your car much safer at night. You can see what's in front of you, and people can see you coming. This is cheap and easy. I hope you like it. Toothpaste is a good gentle abrasive plastic polish. Fix your cloudy headlights today with things you already have in the house. Headlight restoration is easy when toothpaste is your headlight cleaner. Restoring hazy plastic car headlights with toothpaste is cheaper than using Fast Brite, and it works great. Polish your hazy cloudy plastic car headlights with toothpaste to make your car safer and your headlights brighter.

make your headlights look new again with TOOTHPASTE?
I do two sets of lights in this video! Save money and see where you are going.

Restoring yellow head lights with toothpaste! CRAZY!
Restoring yellow head lights with toothpaste. CRAZY! Foul language posts will get you banned from my channel.. Turn signal lens was replaced by previous owner which is why is so clear.. its new.