Grand Nationals vs. Viper

2 Grand Nationals whoop up on a Viper GTS Coupe. It appears that the Viper isn't trying as hard as he could, but impressive still.

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GN vs Nitrous Mustang

Viper vs Grand National
Viper vs Grand National Novi2000 with fuel upgrades. Otherwise stock and on 20" Nitto INVO's and a 6 speed manual. street driven car Grand National. Built Motor, 67mm turbo, ET Streets, built/stalled 200R4

Mustang vs 9 Sec GN
Pinks Englishtown NJ 2008 Fast GN @ Pinks

1076hp Twin-Turbo Grand National Dyno-run
The end of this video IS the video...Twin-turbo Grand National puts down 1076 RWHP on the Dyno. Watch thru till the wont be disappointed...such a pure beast!