2000 Accord V6 Acceleration (Fujita SRI)

WOT mainly for the sound that my intake makes.

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2002 Accord V6 1/4 mile run
Accord V6 sedan with intake, headers, and CL-S mufflers at Maryland International Raceway. The air temp. was 95 degrees and the track was 140! It ran a 16.126 @ 86mph. I'm pretty sure it would manage a 15 if the temperature was cooler.

Magnaflow on a 2000 Accord V6
this is the non-cold start version

Accord V6 Fujita Cold air intake
**PLEASE NOTE** This is not my car, It's just a short video of a WARM engine that my friend wanted to post so he could hear the before/after difference of his CAI. I WILL delete your negative comments so keep them to yourself, my friend doesn't even read them and telling me how smart you are doesn't impress anybody. Thank you. Sound comparison of stock vs Fujita cold air intake on a 2003 Honda Accord V6

2000 Accord V6 SRI (short ram intake) sound
Video of my '00 Accord sedan with a generic short ram intake with it's stock filter. I've been recommended a K&N filter and I will switch to one soon.