2000 Accord V6 Acceleration (Fujita SRI)

WOT mainly for the sound that my intake makes.

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2002 Accord V6 1/4 mile run
Accord V6 sedan with intake, headers, and CL-S mufflers at Maryland International Raceway. The air temp. was 95 degrees and the track was 140! It ran a 16.126 @ 86mph. I'm pretty sure it would manage a 15 if the temperature was cooler.

2000 Accord V6 SRI (short ram intake) sound
Video of my '00 Accord sedan with a generic short ram intake with it's stock filter. I've been recommended a K&N filter and I will switch to one soon.

2011 Honda Accord V6 Sedan Takeda SRI sound
This is just a quick video comparing the sound of the Takeda SRI and the stock intake on my 2011 Honda Accord V6 Sedan. These are the best video clips I could get with my cell phone at the time. I know it wasn't a perfect comparison as they are at different speeds. Update: This car was traded in 2013

Got somked' by a 2000 honda accord V6
philly drag race honda accord V6 catchin' up 5-speed accord