Honda Transmission Repair 1

Burned Converters Are A Thing Of The past! This is a very common issue that we have been facing since the late 90's. It would be more common on on the heavier vehicles like th Odyssey and the Accord V6. But you would aslo see it on the 4 cylinder Accords as well. Although there was a lot of changes and updates to the torque converter, the problem remained. Well, her is a solution for this particular problem. Hope this will help you. Subscribe...Comment...Like..and...Share.

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Honda Transmission Repair 2
On this video we see the necessary parts needed for a successful rebuild on these Honda units. The main issue is the converter lacking lubrication and burning up. There is a new valve from sonnax to correct this issue. As well as the "O"ring end plugs and TC check valve. SUBSCRIBE above, click the like button and leave your comments bellow. Thanks for watching.

Honda Transmission Rebuild Video - Transmission Repair
Honda Transmission Rebuild Video - Transmission Repair On this video we see what it takes to Rebuild a Honda Transmission, what parts it takes and what has been working to correct some of the common failures on these transmissions. Blue Overheated Torque Converters has been a common issue on these Transmissions for a long time and we still see this regularly to this day. Although there are various shift correction kits and special valves out there, all work really good on correcting the issue with the lack of converter feed fluid. I like them all. So if a deciding factor is important to you on which method to use, all I can say is this, They all work. Keep in mind that there are "other" fixes or items that can be added to the rebuild, but it is not really necessary if they're not really needed, I'm not mentioning any but I know some of you will. With that being said I like to thank you for watching this video and liking it and sharing it. Thank you guys for your support. Please Subscribe if you not already. Thanks.

How to Rebuild a Honda Automatic Transmission Part 1 Disassembly BAXA 4 Speed
Part One of multi part series walkthrough of tearing down, cleaning and inspecting, and rebuilding, overhauling and reassembling Honda Automatic Transmission Transaxle complete guide tutorial secrets tips advice. How to rebuild honda and acura transmissions BAXA BAYA BMXA BVGA MDKA Music by teknoaxe royalty free music check him out thanks bro!!

Honda Rebuild Series Part 1 Valve Body Disassembly and Case
Long awaited series finally. going to upload in parts. this is part 1. how to rebuild honda transmission this is a baxa transmission from honda accord, acura cl, civic, odyssey transmissions. How you step by step rebuild this thing its from a 2.3 vtec I believe f23a1 baxa transmission. Watch this youtube clip video and see step by step how to rebuild the transmission after they slip, wear out, over heat, destroy, bad bearing, all other reasons why they go bad. the next videos will not have a description, this is mostly hear just for tags so search will work. tools, shop, transcraft automotive repair, rebuilding honda and acura transmissions at home do it yourself. beginner series, this is not for a beginners if you have questions please ask, dont comment with negativity. I don't do this for money, this is a hobby to upload videos and please be respectful thank you. enjoy the video