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Gilles Villeneuve tribute

My tribute to Gilles Villeneuve.


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Patrick Depailler tribute
This is my tribute to Patrick Depailler, the excellant French Formula 1 driver that was killed in his prime, it is mainly made up of photos.

Gilles Villeneuve - Nature's Law - The Tribute
My final tribute to the ultimate racing driver. Comments appreciated.

A tribute to Gilles Villeneuve
Please view my last ever Gilles vid, here: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=W6PRRc9Iov GILLES VILLENEUVE 1950-1982 Villeneuve was a curious mixture of seemingly disparate personality types. Lauda wrote of him, "He was the craziest devil I ever came across in Formula 1... The fact that, for all this, he was a sensitive and lovable character rather than an out-and-out hell-raiser made him such a unique human being". Flying, snowmobiling or driving, he was a risk-taker of classic proportions. Yet his fellow drivers said that on the track he was scrupulously fair and did not put anyone's safety other than his own in jeopardy. An absolute nutter on the racetrack, but a family man off it.

gilles villeneuve em Monaco 1980
outra faƧanha de gilles villeneuve em cima de rene arnoux.

F1 drivers who lost their lives tribute
Chronologic picture tribute with some rare pictures off those who lost their lives racing F1 cars.

Gilles Villeneuve Wins at Montreal
Please view my last ever Gilles vid, here: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=W6PRRc9Iov Villeneuve's win at montreal in 78 after Jean-Pierre Jarier retires with an oil leak

F1 Gladiators Tribute
Credits to antti

gilles villeneuve tribute
un video tributo de uno de los pilotos de f1 mas espectaculares *27

1979 Dutch GP, Villeneuve retires
Following going off the track and damaging the rear tyre, Gilles Villeneuve shows what REAL men are made of and limps back to the pits in a car that most drivers of today would describe as "undriveable" :)

F1 - Tension & Hysteria
A small experimental video I have made using some different techniques.

Gilles Villeneuve - Piece by Piece
This is my tribute to the great Gilles Villeneuve. Like Senna he was a magician behind the wheel and like Graham Hill he was extremely popular. Gilles sprung to fame after beating a number of drivers in a race. The whole of Europe sat up and took notice of this shy and fearless little French-Canadian. Many people blame Pironi for his death, other blame his sometimes reckless driving style. However, all I know is he was a talented driver and could have been a world champion many times over. 'Show me a hero and I will write you a tragedy.' I dedicate this to the honourable Gilles. *Just for the record all the footage used belongs to the respective owners as well as the song. I thank them for helping me make this video. Love F1? Join my forum: http://turntwo.5forum.net/forum.htm

Sky Sports F1 2012: Gilles Villeneuve memorial
2012 Spanish GP Qualifying

Enzo Ferrari talking about Gilles Villeneuve
The is the ending of Formula Villenueve, a documentary about Gilles career. I think this is a bit spooky and have never seen it anywhere else.

Tribute to Villeneuve
I tribute the pilot of the loved Ferrari of all the times.

Lancia - The Way Italians Are
A brief tribute to Lancia and their glory years in rallying.

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