sunfire exhaust

2.5" custom straight pipe stock header back to 3aracing muffler

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MB quart pwe dual 2 subs
2 MB Quart PWE dual 2 subs to a alpine v power m1000 amp pushing 1000watts rms and 2200 watts max at 2 ohms

two 6 inch JVC subs
these jvc subs are out of a home theater system by jvc and put in a box that is from the system just got bord and did it it sounds good for 6 inch subs

escort exhaust bad head gasket plz comment
stock cat with 2.25" Exhaust bad head gasket lolololol

my 90 z-24 cavalier mild cam and bored 30 over
has cam and bored 30 over phone suck on what it really soulds like