Lincoln Town Car (99') Air Ride Suspension

This is a properly working air-ride suspension on a 1999 Lincoln Town Car after unloading groceries from Sam's Club ;-) I didn't close the driver's door on purpose so that I could show how it works. Some people are afraid of the Lincoln Town Car rear air suspension, but in all reality, they are relatively simple to repair and really not all that expensive. The rear airbags are only held in place by a small metal clip at the top, pull the metal clip-push up at the bottom to release the metal ring from the axle-gently pull and rotate the top until you can see the air line and solenoid-gently twist the solenoid until it stops, then pull it out of the leaking airbag and just reverse the procedure to re-install a new bag. SIMPLE ! ! ! Nothing rides or drives like a Lincoln Town Car, I've had my share of Cadillacs, believe me- you do not want to replace the air leveling shocks on a Cadillac, been there and done that .

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1989-2011 Town Car Air Ride Suspension Air Bag Spring
Air Suspension Elimination Conversion Kit (Sold As A Kit, Includes 2 New Shocks & Both Coil Springs): creative=9325&creativeASIN=B004BUWPIK&linkCode=as2&tag=aupaditoyo-20&linkId =SYFKBCRKPOJ4C4JF Airbag Springs (Sold Individually): creative=9325&creativeASIN=B002YSCCRA&linkCode=as2&tag=aupaditoyo-20&linkId =RRPBMZBNRV4WLGP4 Click the above link to find the air springs for your vehicle. In this video we'll show you how to replace the air springs on a 2000 Lincoln Town Car.

Replacing the Air Suspension Compressor in a Lincoln Town Car with Arnott Pump
This video shows automotive repair professionals how to remove a faulty air suspension compressor from a 1990-2011 Lincoln Town Car, Ford Crown Victory, or Mercury Grand Marquis and replace it with a new Arnott Air Suspension Compressor and Dryer Assembly P-2935 (98-02) P-2936 (90-97 & 03-11) . Arnott's aftermarket air suspension compressor P-2936 for the 90-11 Lincoln Town Car and Crown Victoria and 92-11 Grand Marquis features a heavy duty motor, epoxy-coated finish to prevent corrosion and a new dryer. Built to original equipment specifications, this compressor is an exact fit and now includes an outer support bracket along with an intake air hose and electrical connector for a fast and flawless installation. All Arnott air suspension compressors are backed by a limited lifetime warranty in North America and the European Union. Features: • Includes Dryer and Intake Air Hose • Heavy Duty Motor Provides a Long Life • Whisper-Quiet Operation • Epoxy Electrocoated Finish To Prevent Corrosion

Air ride suspension error fix or reset Service Ride Control
You may receive Service Ride Control on your GM or Cadillac vehicle. I received error after installing a new arnott compressor for the air ride on our 07 Cadillac Esclade esv. I'll tell you how to fix it or how to reset your air ride error. Make sure you DISCONNECT the + (RED) POSITIVE cable from the battery for 10+min on all new Installs of air ride Compressors and to clear or Reset the Service suspension error on the dash. If you install a new air ride compressor and DON'T disconnect to reset Computer logged resistance by the vehicle of the OEM Compressor. It will throw an error and STOP the Compressor from RUNNING until CLEARED by power loss. Please check your air dryer for CLOGGING on top of pads around the silicate beads. MAIN cause for pump burn ups other than bad leaking shocks making it run to much is running and cant blow air through the dryer to get to the shock. Restricted flow.... Dont be afraid to pull down your compressor it is easy to get to once you have rubber off that surrounds the metal box frame. 3 screws.. Locate it behind the driver rear tire. You should not need to jack or remove wheel to maintenance.

2004 Lincoln Town Car airbag suspension replacement.
From airbags to springs. I bought the springs at Autozone for about $100. Used average tools. I'm not a mechanic, this video is simply documenting my personal experience. This should work the same for models 2003 - 2010. Good luck with your project.