Honda cbr 600 challange bike racing 1988 carnaby

this is the second part from this great race back in 1988.

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Cadwell Park Seniorstock 600 1988.
Cadwell Park 1988 and a round of the Seniorstock 600 championship.Morrison CBR,Whitham GSX and Swann GPX a few of the riders.

Breaking Out Old School.......
This is why I've been absent lately....... The whole thing was caught on film and in pictures, but I just posted the basics. From a classic street bike to this. I get hella looks now. Tell me what you think. This is ALL paint, no stickers. Oh, and I get my HD GoPro next week!!!! Can't wait!!!

Honda CBR 600 challange bike racing 1988 carnaby
great racing action from 1988. this action was very close racing with all riders using standard honda cbr 600s. See part 2 for the results

Hurricane CBR600 Honda 1988 Walk Around
This is my walk around video for the greatest bike ever produced - The Honda Hurricane (CBR600F). This is a 1988 model with the black / red stripe color scheme. Has 15k miles and in good condition. Bike has 85hp and runs strong thru every gear. Has a posted top speed in excess of 135mph. Video shot dec 2010