Turbo Honda Lawnmower: Part 1

Boredom, lawnmowers, and spare parts are bad things. Think of it as Ratmower Part II, except hopefully this time it won't blow up. Mid 80's Honda tractor with a liquid cooled inline 2, OHC engine. 350CC. turbo is from a 1994 Mitsubishi 3000GT VR4. It's going to use a draw-through carb setup. We are trying the stock carb first, but if that is nto enough then it's going to use a single carb from my 80's Kawasaki KZ440 bike.

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Turbo Honda Lawnmower Part 3; Test drive and RACE!
It's done! Proof that the mower actually moves under it's own power. I ditched the various bike/snowmobile side-draft carbs for a downdraft Briggs V-twin carb. Nikki test drives it. There was some concern it was slower than the stock 3813... and only one way to answer that question; a showdown.

Briggs and Stratton turbo
Small Briggs and Stratton turbocharged engine

Small Turbo shaft swinging a large prop
Try out with the very large propeller 32x12 inches. No problem..!!

Turbo Honda Lawn Mower - Part 2
Draw through turbo setup on a mid 80's Honda 3813 riding lawnmower. 9B turbo from a 3000gt-vr4. Carb is from an early 80's Kawasaki 440 motorcycle. The carb is acting funny, more tuning and progress to come.