SRT4 vs SRT8 vs Cobra - Gypsy street races-

* 05 srt4* -AGP s3 delta turbo (44lb wheel) -BFMIC -3inch Exhaust -Meth -Untuned/stock clutch bald tires *300 SRT-8* -cam -full catless Exhaust -intake -bolt-ons & dsp tune Runs mid 12's *04 Cobra* -Intake -Ported/pullied eaton -Headers catless full Exhaust -Diablo street tuned -drag radials -500+ rwhp

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99corvette vs 03 cobra vs SRT 8 300 vs 02 Trans Am
modded vette,cobra,srt8 300 and 02 trans am going at it.

SRT4 vs SRT8
Just a friendly race between me and my brother. It was a 60-220 km. srt4 has cai only, srt8 is stock and auto, vid was taken on a camera so it wasnt the best quality.. Enjoy!

cobra vs srt-4
turbo vs Supercharger

2004 Srt-4 with AGP Delta 44@ 18psi (untuned) Vs 50 Trim 240sx@14psi( Tuned)
Srt-4 has a base tune and is running pig rich . It has a stock clutch that's also slipping. The 240 has been tuned and has all supporting mods and full bolt on setup. Sorry about the long vid , the race starts at the last 15 seconds. Rematch coming soon when the Srt-4 gets tuned with a new clutch and a meth kit.