Volkswagen Jetta, India: Racing Driver Ashwin Sundar

Racing Driver Ashwin Sundar and the new VW Jetta 2008.

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Racing Driver Ashwin Sundar at Lanson Toyota Car Rally
Racing Driver Ashwin Sundar at Lanson Toyota Car Rally

Racer Aswin Sundar Car and Bike Collections || Remembering Ashwin Sundar!!!
Ashwin sundar Car accident. Ashwin Sundar’s death leaves fraternity shocked. Chennai racer Ashwin Sundar, wife charred to death as BMW catches fire. Ashwin Sundar dies in tragic Chennai crash. Ashwin Sundar car racer accident. The death of former National champion Ashwin Sundar has plunged the motorsports fraternity into shock and grief. The 27-year-old was a versatile racer on the domestic racing scene, winning National titles in two and four-wheeler categories.

Racer Ashwin Sundar, wife charrred to death as his car bursts in flames after hitting tree
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Ashwin Sundar - A loving Son,Husband and Friend - Provoke Lifestyle salutes you
Earlier this year Chennai lost one of its most loved racer and couple Ashwin Sundar and Nivetha Sundar . Provoke dedicates this tribute to all his friends and family .