Knox Mountain Record Hillclimb run in Camaro IROC

2.2 miles in under 2 minutes.1:58.636 in a street legal car. This run set a new class record in 2005

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Auto Nord Racing Pro Touring Camaro Hillclimbing in Norway 2013
Auto Nord Racing med Ole Johnny B.Pettersen som fører. Bakkeløp 3,1 km opp til Målselv fjellandsby i August 2013. 1 runde viser kjøring med nesten nye 275/45x17 dekk som går helt i oppløsning før bakken var ferdig. . Kjørte 3 starter med ulike dekk, hvor det ble en liten tur i mot autovernet i siste løp. Kjørte da med 315/35 dekk av ZR type som satt dårligere på enn forventet !!

King of the Hill John Hafter sets another amazing time at Knox Mountain Hillclimb
An old video of John Haftner, the king of the hill, taking another record breaking run up the mountain.

Hill climb fast camaro in car
this was the last SCCA hill climb at Beech Mountain NC. The car is a chevy Camaro, late model, big block. Crank it up! enjoy! Beech Mountain is a ski resort in the high country of NC. This is Beech mtn pkwy "the backside". The ski slope elevation gain is 830 vertical feet. The road gain is around 600'. The switch back turns are insane. My thanks to all the drivers and the SCCA. If you participated in this event please contact me. I do have a list funny business.

Knox Mountain Hill Climb 2009
Knox Mountain Hill Climb in Kelowna B.C. 2009. Car is a Datsun 510 with an L18 engine. Little bit of tire warming at the start and then a run up the hill in car. 2:15:962, personal best and could be better but not bad for tearing the head apart to replace the bent valves from the day before!