Knox Mountain Record Hillclimb run in Camaro IROC

2.2 miles in under 2 minutes.1:58.636 in a street legal car. This run set a new class record in 2005

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The Fastest Hillclimb Monster! Swiss Champ Reto Meisel and the Mercedes-Benz SLK340 Judd V8, 610HP

hillclimb knox mountain
hillclimb knox mountain

494hp '91 B4C Camaro Interceptor Hill Climb music video
'91 Camaro police interceptor 494hp 6 speed running Freeze out hill climb in emmett Idaho.

Mustang 5.0L SCREAMING up Knox Mountain in 2008
89 Mustang 5.0L with a 7300rpm redline running the 2008 Knox Mountain Hillclimb in Kelowna BC.. the shift lite hits at 7000RPM!