8 cylinder Mazda Drift truck at Drift Nirvana

Mazda Drift Truck at Drift Nirvana First day with the new Mustang v8 5.0L engine. Driver and mechanic: Gorka Arrieta. www.BilboAutomotive.com

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Ls1 turbo rodeo drift truck
DUE TO SOME PEOPLE NOT BEING ABLE TO READ, THIS IS NOT DRIFTING. THIS IS MY DRIFT TRUCK ON A CIRCUIT COURSE. DRIFT VID BELOW. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4gdZtZDSDXU http://youtu.be/iTwhV6VzYOc Cromies LS1 turbo rodeo at Cairns Auto Spectacular on the Time Trial track. Was not aloud to "lose traction" in this event. First time driving it after finishing it.

daily drivin drift truck
my sick little stanced out isuzu

Custom Mazda B2200
SIDEWAYS CC Newest Member

I built this truck, out of parts layin around, knew it could be done so i went searchin for a solid axle truck and SHA BAM O found one Check out SpoolyMcBooster.com for a old ass had no idea wtf im doing but if you have YOTa luv you may actually dig on the chaos. Or its so cool you have to pour haterade on it..... You needs to get laid...alot.... Goood.... Well haters go find action and go find JESUS. or something besides GTA17 xbox coksukr edition shit..... Go build something!! Dont hate...... imitate... Nwa This is a work in progress, Since the vid hav done some iprovements when i find time and money