1986 Laguna Seca SCCA ITB Race 1974 Ford Pinto (Driver: Barry Streets)

Some of my Dad's old taped In-Car Footage of racing in his 1974 Ford Pinto ITB Racecar at Laguna Seca. It's pretty rare to find In-Car Footage of the old track configuration (Back when Laguna Seca Racway was almost an oval) because It wasn't attempted too much in a race. I apologize for the quality, these were taken with a remote camera and then recorded with a VCR that was held in place with foam under the Seat of the car... pretty good for old VHS tapes that are 20 something years old though... ENJOY!

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1974 V8 Ford Pinto
as seen on Ebay January 2009

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SCCA VW Golf Cup & Pro Formula Atlantic, Lime Rock 1987.
Anybody my own age should already have the music from American Sports Cavalcade in their head. And did Greenfield's crew have Diamond P Sports hats on? I have many souvenirs from the years, but don't have one of *those*!!

Case Study: Ford Pinto