1986 Laguna Seca SCCA ITB Race 1974 Ford Pinto (Driver: Barry Streets)

Some of my Dad's old taped In-Car Footage of racing in his 1974 Ford Pinto ITB Racecar at Laguna Seca. It's pretty rare to find In-Car Footage of the old track configuration (Back when Laguna Seca Racway was almost an oval) because It wasn't attempted too much in a race. I apologize for the quality, these were taken with a remote camera and then recorded with a VCR that was held in place with foam under the Seat of the car... pretty good for old VHS tapes that are 20 something years old though... ENJOY!

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A little more road race Pinto
The Pinto at Thunderhill with Green Flag Driving Sept 28, 2008

AMA Super Bike Race Laguna Seca
AMA SUPER BIKE RACE 1979 PETER STARR 1979年 ラグナセカでの、スーパーバイクレースの 様子を 当時の1000cc AMA SUPERBIKE RACEです。 ローソンはMKⅡ改で走っており、Z1000Jではあ りませんが クーリー、スペンサーなど当時若者で以後GPライダー に成長しました。

3-lap Pinto/2002/Jensen-Healey/Camaro battle at 24 Hours of Lemons - Return of the Lemonites 2014
An extended 3-lap battle between a Ford Pinto, Jensen-Healey, BMW 2002, and Chevrolet Camaro, all of 1970's vintage, which is cut short by a full-course caution. Eurobeat version here, if the thunderous roar of a 2300cc Pinto approaching 4000 RPM isn't exciting enough for you: http://youtu.be/nZhWRIKfExg This happened about 2 hours and 15 minutes into day 1 of the event. Unfortunately my camera cut out before the caution was lifted, so I have no video of the thrilling conclusion. "Return of the Lemonites 2014", 24 Hours of LeMons endurance race, Miller Motorsports Park, Utah. --Full roster of cars appearing in this video-- Class A: #28 - "Hold my beer and watch this" #40 - "Neon Pope" #63 - "The Terrible Tikis" #92 - "Model T GT" #325 - "Clowntown Road Show" #635 - "Team Black Bird" Class B: #51 - "Stealth Alien Hunters" #56 - "Skid Marks Racing West" #97 - "Pinto Bean Bandits" ( #211 - "Swerving Artists" #967 - "John Galt Racing" Class C: #973 - "Bangers N Mash"

IMSA RS/SCCA 2.5 Challenge Re-union Race 2013
Driving a 1979 Ford Pinto, thank you Brian for letting me borrow the shifter.