Austin's Subaru Ghia

I got a chance to get some more footage of Austin's awesome Subaru swapped Karmann Ghia, and wanted a little redemption. In the last video you weren't able to actually hear the engine roar because of my mic being improperly set up. This time was much better. Enjoy, and I want Austin and his father to know how proud I am of them...You guys ROCK, and I look forward to doing this type of stuff with my son. slumlord by lo tag blanco (c) copyright 2006 Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license.

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Volkswagen karmann ghia Toyota Mr2 turbo powered
Vw karmann ghia Mr2 turbo

68 Ghia WRX Spintech Sportsman idle / revs
I had a small Magnaflow muffler that sounded good at idle but was pretty loud all other times. This is working better for me and everything after the the Spintech is easily taken off if I want to run loud. 1968 VW Karmann Ghia Subaru JDM EJ205 2.0T Custom 3" downpipe Killer B Holy Headers Spintech Sportsman Street 3444XLF Vibrant 1142 3" Ultra Quiet Resonator

68 VW Karmann Ghia WRX Cruising
Another test 12psi. both of the little runs in the vid are slightly uphill with some short shifts (I'm no racer) but you get the picture. speedo marks are at the 20,40,60,80,100mph.

6 0 Karmann Ghia!! Thats RARE!!! 4k
One car you do not see much of on a race track is a Karmann Ghia it is just one of the types of cars that is rare to see modified. Well this is the exception. Running 6.0 and running it consisantly. Please SUBSCRIBE AND SHARE!!! Follow us on INSTAGRAM at 6sixty2racingofficial and Like us on FACEBOOK @6sixty2racing Video shot on :