Drift Open Round 2 2012, Legnica Poland - Marcin Mospinek winding on the angle....

Marcin Mospinek, in his team PUZ Valvoline V8 M5-engined E30 BMW shows a drift taxi passenger how to wind on some serious angle at the second round of the Drift Open Championship in Legnica Poland.

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INSANE BMW E30 VS. Nissan GT-R VS. Porsche 911 Turbo. Rolling starts X2
Instagram: alexandersson01 1080p HD. Nissan gt-r 594 hp VS. porsche 911 996 turbo 580 hp VS. bmw e30 with 680 WHP. 2 races. 50-300 km/h and 100-300km/h. GT-R: downpipes and ECU. Porsche: Bigger turbos etc. BMW: big turbo? Please hit like and subscribe if you like what you see.

Marcin Mospinek new LS3 E30 M3 unveiled at PFD Round 1 Płock 2012 - 1st run in public
Team PUZ Valvoline finally released the 1st of their new LS3 engined E30's. Here is a sneak peak of the interior of the car while it was being unloaded. This one will be driven by Marcin Mospinek, the second one will be driven by his team mate Grzegorz Hypki. The cars have brand new LS3's flown in from the US and are making around 550bhp with only minor tuning. Weighing only 1100kgs, these cars will be a serious force in 2012...

Piloto encara estrada sinuosa de SC em drifting /Pilot faces winding road of drifting in SC
O piloto neozelandês Rhys Millen,especialista em drifting demonstra suas habilidades numa sinuosa estrada (a SC-438) na Serra do Rio do Rastro, em Santa Catarina. Ao volante de um Hyundai Genesis Coupé -- carro que ele dirigiu no filme publicitário de lançamento -- devidamente preparado por sua equipe, Millen dá um show de audácia e controle. ___ The pilot Zealander Rhys Millen drifting expert demonstrates his skills in a twisty road (SC-438) in the Serra do Rio do Rastro, in Santa Catarina. Driving a Hyundai Genesis Coupe - the car he drove in the movie publicity release - properly prepared by his team, Millen is a show of daring and control. ___ パイロットニュージーランドして、Rhysミレン漂流専門 は、セラの曲がりくねった道路(のSC - 438)で自分のスキルをを示しますサンタカタリーナで、 リオは蚤の市を行うのですか。現代ジェネシスクーペを 運転する - 彼は映画の宣伝のリリースでは、運転の車を - 彼のチームが作成したenquiry.c、ミレンは、大胆かつコン トロールの表示になります。

Noriyaro Raw Drift, Episode 1
Drifting in Japan, shot between 2010 and 2011.