Rsx-s vs stock rsx-s

Both 03 Rsx-s's silver is driven by a female..current mods on the car is intake,Exhaust,ingalls torque dampner.

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stock z vs stock rsx type s
z beat the rsx

stock srt4 vs acura rsx with mods(k pro)
(me) stock SRT-4 vs my boy , he has i/h/e/kpro tuned. i have just a b.o.v and short shifter. not a bad race for a stock srt4 against a rsx tuned

Stock Rsx-S vs v6 Mustang
bone stock rsx type-s vs Mustang v6 with headers Edit: to clarify somethings... this is a type-s and the model year is 2002. first year it was made. aint gonna lie motor is not fast like the 05-06 but it was fast for me. let me remind you that i was racing almost daily and beat the motor up pretty bad. i did my usuals maintenance. but you always gonna have wear and tear. soooo with thats said relax on the fight and negative comments.

Stock auto IS300 vs. Bolt-on RSX-S 2
Dig or die bitches.