Rsx-s vs stock rsx-s

Both 03 Rsx-s's silver is driven by a female..current mods on the car is intake,Exhaust,ingalls torque dampner.

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My 02 NHBP DC5 Honda RSX Tribute
Here is a quick mock-up of my RSX-S journey. Bought this car wrecked and beat up on all possible levels. Put countless hours and money into bringing her to this stage. Love driving her daily.

FUN DRIVE K20A FROM GAMBANG TO KUALA LUMPUR ON 2 MAR 2014. Pls ensure your volume turn in on for v tec sound

Sierra Cosworth 24v vs Dc5 Turbo.MOV
My Sierra RS Cosworth 24v vs a Honda Integra Dc5 turbo

Honda Integra DC5 0-60
Standstill acceleration on private grounds in my DC5. Power mods include: Spoon 4-2 manifold Spoon B-pipe Spoon N1 backbox Apexi air filter RBC intake manifold Kpro