HQ Monaro getting sideway's & sounds off Gilmer Pully's


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dirty old HQ coming out of the shed

TUFFEST HQ Monaro Ever SPRINGNATS 2009 Supercharged 6/71 Rough Idle
This is my fav blown hq i saw at springnats back in 2009 I nice line of other tuff blown streeters

Blown HK Monaro Drifting Sydney Powercruise 2015 Peter Sauer
Peter Sauer showing the younger generation how to drift in a real car

Australian Holden LX Torana LS1 running here in California latest updates
My Torana, LS1 with Edelbrock intake, big brakes, 6 speed, Exhaust I built, a/c, power windows, remote locks, custom 18" wheels, upgraded suspension, etc. I did all of the work including electrical, engine swap, cooling system, hidden a/c stuff, fuel system, suspension and the rest of the build. I imported it years ago (and others since), but this one has been my favorite!)